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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The wizards Baker. (D&D 5th ed wizards School, and more)

A shadowy kitchen, deep in the  sub levels of the wizards college, flour hangs in the air the heat of ovens makes the air heavy...

The old mage spoke as if to himself.... A group of anxious students line  the walls around him straining to hear. The scratching of quills to papyrus almost drowning his voice, he begins.

"Anyone can brew a potion. First year acolytes can have wounds healing in just a few hours given a cauldron and the right herbs. I'm not impressed."
He steps froward to a large silver domed platter on a podium, his voice growing louder.

"No my students, we shall aspire to more. let the  apothecary, quacks and dirty nailed herbalists brew their teas and distill their tinctures."
He deftly lifts the  silver dome to reveal a pile of  biscuits and petits fours, meticulously decorated and  impeccably displayed.
"We will know the truth. We will see the  starter alive, know the feel of well proofed dough, understand the sponge. We will be wizards bakers."
A Pause. His bushy eye brows raise, he examines the  face of each student individually, they squirm under his gaze, he smiles.
"We shall be Artists beyond the skills of mere mixing and brewing, we will show our true power in craft! Today lesson one.."
He pulls a long run inscribed towel from his cloak and gently unwraps a perfect honey-golden length of bread.

What is a wizards baker you ask?
Good question, and asked often  as it is nearly a lost art.

A wizards baker is a skilled alchemist, and spell craftier who chooses baked goods as a vessel for their  magical creations. They consider themselves far superior to potion makers, or worse yet common artificers who make wands and other  such drivel.

The  wizards baker  creates various  edible objects that are imbued with magical properties.
Much like potions except arcane piping techniques, proofing, and layering allow for a much wider range of results than mere potions can achieve.

Another difference between a wizards baker's goods and a potion is that the baked goods will spoil and go bad. While on the surface this seems a shortfall of the  bakers technique it is in practice a sure way that the  bakers goods will be used by those intended or if not will have less of a chance to fall into curious hands where they may give up their secrets.

Here I will present the  wizards baker as a 5th edition wizards school.  
While I would use one of these folks as an NPC having a player use one of these insane culinary magicians  is just to fun an opportunity to ignore.

The nature of the bakers magic.
  • Bakers infuse their culinary treats with magical energy in the form of secret recipes and hidden runes. The  magic may then be released to create the  desired magical effects whenever the  baker desires.
  • Wizards Bakers may not infuse their creations with  necromancy (ruins the taste) or Abjuration spells (destroys the texture.)
  • Confections containing Ranged spells can be thrown
  • Spells that target self can be consumed.
  • Other spells might simply involve the confection being broken open to trigger the casting.
  • Unless other wise specified (signature tart) only the baker knows how to unleash spells from the tasty condiments. 
    • However, if any infused baked good is  eaten the  spell within is triggered on the person doing the eating.
    • Detect magic reveals the nature of the  treat.
  • The wizards baker can  create confections that store up to their proficiency bonus in spell slots every day.
  • A magical pastry will last two days before spoiling. (so yes it's like having stored spell slots, but lets not think of it that way, think of  delicious scones that explode...)
  • Baking takes  hour plus 30 minutes per spell slot level being baked.  For example a scone holing one 4th level spell would take 2 hours. (these are magical bakers after all)
  • If the quality of  mundane baked goods needs to be determined  the  Baker should roll 1d20 and add their proficiency bonus and their intelligence score.
    • Results: 
      • 1-7: This  in under-baked or burnt to a crisp! It's inedible throw it out!
      • 8-12: This is edible however it needed more time to proof, it's not very good.
      • 13-19: It's a good bake, as expected.
      • 20-24: Excellent work, fit for a royal.
      • 25+ Perfection! And a nice flake as well.

School of The Wizard's Bakers:

Why would an acolyte become a Wizards Baker? Who knows. It might b that they are power hungry or just hungry. For some the call of the flour and rolling pin is just too strong to resit. Others see the perfection that is well rolled fondant, over perfectly light sponge. Regardless, over time a wizards baker can become as dangerous or powerful as any other wizard from any other school.

It is understood that an adventuresome young baker can't be expected to have a full kitchen at their disposal or the time to  makes masterpieces of culinary and magical perfection every day. However to a wizards baker even with a camp fire and some simple tools a well baked Nan can be as beautiful and as deadly as the  most meticulous petites-fours.

Baker's Savant:
At Second level when you choose to follow the path of the wizards baker, you gain access to a bakers kitchen and bakers tool set. While in the  kitchen or using tools in the field the gold and time that is required to create a spell recipes is halved.

Signature Tart:
At second level the wizards baker may develop a tart that contains the essence of any first level spell. This confection can be used by the Baker or given to another. The effect can be triggered by any one who has the Tart.
This recipe is drilled and practiced to  the point that it only takes a hour for the baker to create one such treat. This tart does not count against the  characters normal baked goods limit.


At Level 6 the baker develops colored sponges and biscuits that can be layered. These layered pastries allow the  baker to create one treat that can release multiple spell effects simultaneously. At this level up to two spell effects can be layered up to their daily  spell slot limit (equal to their proficiency bonus.)
At level 12 the  baker can layer three effects.
At level 16 up to four effects may be layered.

Double Baked: 
At level 10 the wizards baker may make one pastry a day that is double baked and will last a number of days equal to his or her intelligence modifier.

Signature Biscuit:

At 12th level the wizards baker may develop a biscuit that contains the essence of any Second level spell. This confection can be used by the Baker or given to another. The effect can be triggered by any one who has the Tart.
This recipe is drilled and practiced to  to point that it only takes a hour for the baker to create one such treat.

Irresistible temptation:
At level 14 The  wizards baker may make one infused treat a day that will release a spell at a target when they bite into the treat, this is in effect a trapped pastry.
The effect may be any spell up a 4th level.
If there is any doubt about whether the unsuspecting victim will eat the delightful, dangerous treat they must save vs a DC of 8 + the Wizards bakers intelligence bonus +  The Wizards bakers proficiency bonus.
This DC may be modified by the DM based on the current situation. For example most targets will not stop for a scone in the heat of battle, but will if it's meal time at camp.
If the target fails this save the treat is truly irresistible.

Lemon Madelines

I have just encountered a wizards Baker!
He's dead now because I'm a rampaging murder hobo!
What baked goods might  the powdery sweet smelling corpse be carrying?

Roll D20 three times on the chart below.
Result one is a descriptor, Roll 2 is the  type of baked good, roll 3 are the spells contained in the baked good.
(Remember: Tarts and biscuits may be purposely triggered by anyone.
But any effect contained in the baked goods will be triggered on the caster if the baked goods are eaten.)

Roll Descriptor Type Spells (1d6 for slot level when desired and dependent on Bakers level)
1 Flaky Baguette Minor illusion
2 Crumbly Croissant Light
3 Blueberry Loaf Charm Person
4 Cheese Cookie Shield
5 Sugared Doughnut Sleep
6 Powdered Pie Mage armor
7 Coco Cake Magic missile
8 Dipped Petit fours Blur
9 Filled bonbon Hold person
10 Lemon Tea cake Invisibility
11 Crusty Sponge cake Dispel magic
12 Iced Margarine Haste
13 Decorated Madeleine Fly
14 Piped Turn over Stone skin
15 Cinnamon Scone Ice Storm
16 Pecan Bun Pass wall
17 Buttered Roll Globe of invulnerability
18 Caramel Biscuit Fire ball
19 Amaretto Tart Roll twice (layered)
20 Glazed Bread Roll three times (layered)

OK, so I know this was all a bit silly I hope you enjoyed it. (heck it's Saturday ..)

Thank you for reading!
Please leave any question, comments, or cookies in the uncleaned bowl of batter below.

Note: May or may not be influenced by a decade + old cartoon. (it is)

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