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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Game I didn't send to the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

The Ukraine loves it's 200, do you ? 

I never formatted this game to make it looked decent. Plus I felt it had a few cracks in its design.
In the end I never sent it in.

I have another one I might post tomorrow or next week that was even less finished.
Hey at least I got one game in.
Here is a link to view all of the submissions from the 200 word RPG challenge.

So for your consumption I present a kind of dungeon crawl party game in 200 words:

Endless Crawl: Always be descriptive!
Four players have a piece of paper saying Map, Danger, monster, or treasure.
Map player draws a room with at least three entrances.

Danger player:
rolls 1d10, under the (Danger) = A monster in the room.

Monster Player:
Monsters Have 1d10 HP + (Danger)
Split hp for multiple monsters.  
Monsters do 1d10-5 damage (+ Danger on a 10)

Choose a character.
Fighter:  10hp / 1d10-2 damage.
Cleric : 8hp / 1d10-4 damage / or may heal for 1d10 HP.
Thief  8hp / 1d10-4 damage per attack/ or skip turn attack monster attacking the wizard (2d10 damage)
Wizard: 6hp / does 1d10-3 damage to all monsters.

Players attack once per turn in the order shown.
0 damage is a miss.
Monsters attack the fighter first.
If the fighter misses the monster attacks the priest, And so on.
Extra monsters attack next character in order.

All monsters Slain?
(Danger level) goes up by 1.
Party gains +1 experience.

Treasure Player:
Picks one:  All Characters +1 hp  / one character +1 to damage scored  / takes  -1 from the danger level.

All of the papers shift clockwise to new players,
A new room is drawn.

Party wins at 50 Experience.

So there you have it.
Cut it, paste it, print it, play it.
Let me know how it goes.

Hope you  find some use for that.
Thank you  for reading.
Please level questions and comments in the pile of headless matchsticks below.