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Monday, May 4, 2015

Another game I never submitted to the 200 word RPG competition.

Ok Last one.
I never submitted this one because it's not truly a game, Its more of an activity.
Though I might work on it a bit and add it to one of my other projects as a "Group scenario set up" mechanic.
I think it would be fun the  way microscope is fun only with  less index cards and dots.

What if, And, But:
  •  Two to five players each with a D20.  
  • Each player states “what if "  about a place._________.” then rolls 1d20. 
    •  The player rolling highest has created a “truth” 
  •  Each player then states an “And _________.” about the place, and rolls d20. 
    • The payer rolling highest again Creates a truth about the original place. 
      •  The player rolling lowest Can state a “But____________” about the truth created by the “And” statement. 
      •  The “But” may add or modify the “And” statement. 
  •  A new Round starts 
  •  The new “What Ifs_________.” may be related to any part of the first round and may be a person place or thing. 
If at any time there is a tie for highest or lowest roll both players get to create a statement.

 Play continues until the group has created something they find interesting and enjoyable, perhaps even for use in another game.

That's it.
Again I never really considered entering this  into the contest because it's more an activity than a game, but if anyone wants to steal the structure for some other use have at it. Just let me know , cause I would be super interested.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.
Leave any questions or comments you might have in the  bin of discarded squid beaks bellow..