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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

D20 NPC's from Pandelver

Your party is in a town.
Who do they run into first.
Whats that NPC's deal anyway?

Make one of these charts for  any  town the players may stay in for a while.
The interconnections of the  towns folk will lead to things happening.

Roll D20:

  1. Kyle O'Tooligan: Former sportsman, played the  realms version of Rugby at a high level, until he broke his knee. Now Kyle owns a small bar on the edge of town near the  sports pitch. He will give out free drinks if you are willing to sit and listen to his stories about the glory days.
  2. Tessa VonEtten: Midwife in town. Has a tremendously bad habit of vocally encouraging  young couples to have babies at inopportune times.
  3. Slayer Roberts: real name Mathias, Refuses to answer to anything but "slayer" Claims to any one who will listen  to have once killed a basilisk, there are no witnesses or proof to back up his claim.
  4. Kanna Vassil: A woman in her early 40's with a taste for  younger men. Kanna likes to hang out in the  market place, watch the  black smith (12) work and try to pick up any adventurer types that wonder through. She is very forward in her approach. Her greatest asset is her land which is some of the best grazing land near the  village. She has cleverly leverages the leasing of the land into a tidy income and  political sway in town.
  5. Lissa Nye: A woman of about twenty years. From the time she was quite young she and her older brother have been trained in swordsman ship by their father (10). She wants to join the town guard, but has been told that women are not excepted in the town guard. She calls that bull shit, but also refuses to do any thing stupid like dress up as a guy to get in  because that's boring , cliched and frankly more trouble than its worth. She is just itching to run away with a group of adventures but every group she approaches treats her like a mascot so she ends up bailing.
  6. Artur Nye: Lissa's (5) older brother. A young  guard in the  service of the town. He hates his job, but his father (10) insists that he has to do something to earn money other than work the farm. He has a way with animals, and enjoys working the land. Most nights he ends his patrol early by stopping off at O'Tooligans pub.(1)
  7. Old Karter: Old Karter is a local who fell on hard times somewhere along the line. He can often be found sleeping behind the church or in nearby forests. He speaks to himself mostly, and never bothers any one. Rumors to how he arrives at his present condition are numerous and varied.
  8. Hroin Brusbeard: A dwarf who heard sheep in the nearby valleys. Local farmers hire Hroin to watch their sheet  all he asks in return is mutton. Unusual for his people he is highly skilled with a sling.
  9. Jarmiah Marhar: Has been the local  apothecary for nearly  fourth years. His non-magical poultices and  droughts are well regarded. He can be relied on to  answer question about  herb-lore and  gathering. Those who know him well say he has been slipping a bit in the past few years and might want to think about stepping away form the cauldron.
  10. Harlan Nye: A former guard captain he has trained both his son and his daughter (5)(6) in the  arts of shield and sword. However as the  children have grown he has become more and more depressed over being an aging, lonely widower. He has an interest in Kanna Vassil , but his attentions have always been rebuked.
  11. Cindy Jessin: A woman who works a small farm plot in town, claims she can talk to crows but song birds speak too fast for her to understated.
  12. Brendan Gardith: Local blacksmith, hard working honest. He keeps to himself mostly  just working to fill orders. He is aware that Kanna (4) has her eye on him, but honestly he has never been much for the  ladies and would prefer if she just left him alone. He has a dream of saving enough  money form his black smiting  in Pandelver to open up a larger shop near a bigger city , but for now  this will do.
  13. Megahn Kane: The town jeweler. She doesn't find much work in such a small town, but remains upbeat about her potential to someday get admitted into a respected city guild. Her designs are eclectic and  her crafting  fairly done. She will often  ask travelers passing though if they need settings re-fitted or  have gems to sell. Bill Hanson (20) has been pursuing Meghan for some time , and while she likes his company she has no desire to get tied down in  Pandelver.
  14. Colton Fisk: Ask anyone in town Colton is a tough SOB. He once got kicked by a cow, stood up and punched it square in the face, knocking it out. Colton is also a bit crazy, built a tree house just outside of town and does nothing but fish all day. Sometimes Colton helps the local farmers during harvest time. He works like a mule they say.
  15. Hellen Yarsir: Hellen is a seamstress of no great talent or motivation. A spinster really, beyond marrying age and not interested any way. She maintains a small shop in town with an apartment above it. Rumor in town is that she's exceedingly wealthy from her business but chooses to live a simple life. The truth is slightly different. (19)
  16. Christoff Niles: Considers himself a great entertainer. Looks for any excuse to  play his lute and sing. Can often be found on the  green in the center of town. He lives in a small apartment above  O'tooligans Pub (1)
  17. Shania Woodrick: She runs a small bank in town where she excepts notes created by the Local Duke and exchanges them for gold.S he has done a lot of business with Cindy Jessin lately, and while she never asks, she is wondering where the money is coming from.
  18. Cleric Lerman: leader of the local church Cleric Lerman is a well respected member of the town community. No one in the town knows that Lerman ended up in Pandelver when he  lost his  courage during a journey as a member of  an adventuring party. He left his companions in the night  while they were camped in the mountains to the north, never seeing them again. The guilt over this breach of faith haunts him everyday.
  19. Bobby: Bobby is a 16 year old handicapped boy who is the illegitimate son of Kyle O'Tooligan (1) and Hellen Yarsir (15). Kyle for his part is unaware the child is his,  Hellen never told him. Bobby is a happy young man, lives at the church and  is capable enough to do many of the  upkeep tasks required around the  property. He is cared for by the  churches priest Cleric Lerman (18) and provided for with money given to the church by Hellen.
  20. Bill Hanson: Bill is a local farmer who raises sheep and keeps a fair herd of cattle. While he is about ten years older than her, he has become smitten with  Megahan Kane (13). She has refused his advances a few times already, but undeterred he has hatched a plan to sell off some of his  cattle to finance her bid for a Jewelers Guild membership.

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