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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kick Starter "Hubris"


I have been following Mike Evan's work on this setting for a long while now.  Today, I finally got to back his efforts!

Over the past couple of years he has constantly impressed me with his creativity, dedication, and drive. I have no doubt that once funded his project will be fulfilled* and will kick ass with bladed boots.

I wish him the very best of luck on with his Kick Starter, and am looking forward to getting my grubby hands on the results.

Here is the Kick-starter link.

Check it out. If it's your kind of jam back it.

Here are some links to Mike Evans's blog so you can get a taste of what you might be getting into.
First posts specific to Hubris

Next general blog madness.

Thank you for reading.
Go check out Mike's stuff.....

* ( As kick-starters go it's low risk it's already written, arts in place and so on ..)