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Thursday, November 5, 2015

His voice rings of hate and pain. (D&D 5thed bardic school)

From the pages of Rolderic The Bard.

"Once in every five years the  bards hold a moot, a gathering if you will. It is here that we swap information, stories, and do the business inherent of our trade. Last summers moot was no different than any other, a few fine fall days on a hillside encamped with a number of like minded and talented souls. Let me assure you there is  much merriment mixed with the business as bardic schools compete in the  ways of instrument, verse and voice.

I say all was normal last moot, and I do not lie up until the  moment Roderic arrived. A bard in title yes. Infact he was once a talented voice crafter, but he has disappeared on a journey far to the north. Few recognized fair Rolderic as he entered the moot.  A sight that was such, one of our less hardy members (Jalarad Birdboned) fainted straight away.

Shirtless, Painted and tattooed, a shaved head, a vast dark beard woven with strange bits of cloth, he rode. And ride he did! Roleric rode atop a great snarling bear. A finely crafted leather saddle allowed him a free hand with which to drink a strong smelling amber drought from a large bottle he slung from his arm. It seemed all of his worldly possessions were tied in rusacks and fastened to the mighty bear, a tent, a bed roll, cooking pots and several tattered heavy leather books bound with brass. The racket of  gasps, snarling, and fainting he made coming through the crowd was enough to bring the bardic moot a sudden halt.

Roleric dismounted and immediately set into a chant. A deep poly tonal thrumming chant. Our camp fire dimmed and all about us seemed to vibrate. A bird fell out of a nearby tree. None could look away from Roleric, and when he had our undivided attention he spoke.

His voice deep but flowing. Like the unknown depths of a wide river flush with springs melt. Gravel and silt came to mind, but so did fog, ash, and swarms of stinging bees. Such was the  voice of Roleric. His eyes shown brightly under his tattooed brow, his mouth hidden by the  shaking beard.

" I have come to the moot seeking adepts to join me in the founding of a new bardic school."

Then silence.
None challenged Roleric. Though the council had held sway at the moots for years and were  exclusive in their authority to sanction bardic schools. It was in the voice of Roleric, none dared stand to dispute him.
That night Roleric left with three disciples, and the Bardic school known as The Krotomish was officially born.

(The Krotomish bardic school)
All normal level 1 bard abilities as per the 5th edition player's handbook.
Level 3:
Distracting visage:
You may use your bardic inspiration die to inflict a to-hit penalty on any one target. This effect persists as long as you maintain concentration on that target.
Level 3:
Home of the  homeless:
You college is a loose collection of wandering bards who live off the land and sometimes the kindness of others.
You are proficient with two two kits from the following list:
Wood Carvers tools, Cooks utensils, Carpenters tools
You are proficient with two of the following skills:
Athletics, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Survival, Handle Animal.

Level 6:
The Voice
You can create a poly tonal effect while speaking that can duplicate the effect any one of the  following spells as chosen by the  speaker.
Animal Friendship.
Charm person
This use is above and beyond the normal bard spell use, does not requite physical or somatic components and may only be used once per long rest.

Level 11:
Bonded Mount:

You have gained the trust of a wilderness creature that acts as your mount. The mount is loyal and obedient to the bard, obeying simple commands such as stay, follow or attack, without hesitation.
Once per long rest you may form a telepathic bond with you mount, which allows the bard to give the  mount instructions of any complexity. . An example of a complicated command might be "hold steady enough for me to cast a spell.", "move quietly and stay to the shadows", "Do not attack that target directly instead attack their back pack so it's contents will spill.", and so on This effect lasts for 1 minute and does nto require concentration.
The mount is a fine example of the chosen breed with  maximum hit points, down to a minimum number of hit points equal to 1/2 the bards. The mount will receive 1d8 additional hit points each time the bard increases in level.
If the mount is killed another mount of the same type may be sought but not until the  Bard has progresses to their next experience level.
The mount is usually a wilderness creature, Bear, Elk, Boar, Giant badger, or massive toad. If the player desires a horse, bull,  or large war goat could also be chosen.

Level 14:
The blackened instrument of discord .
At this level the  bard of Krotomish may partake in the  ritual of blackening, during which their bardic instrument of choice is blackened in a ritual fire. After the ritual anything played on the instrument will take on a polytonal sound with all notes doubled several times in random intervals and octaves lower than what is being played.
  • The bard may choose two spells up to level 5 from any spell list other than the priest / cleric lists. Once per long rest the bard may choose to use the scorched instrument to cast either one of these two spells.
  • While playing the instrument Bardic inspiration dice can be used to directly inflict magical damage to one target.
  • Any of the spells using "the voice" from level 6 may be cast as if they are one spell slot higher than normal.
  • The instrument looks blackened and scorched, and will exude a small cloud of dark colored smoke in any hue on command. This could is visible but not enough to conceel the Bard for  combat purposes.
  • The instrument now saves at +10 vs any attempt to crush, break or otherwise harm it.

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