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Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy New Year: The Dustpan year in Review.

Here we are on the doorstep of 2016:
Let's talk about what went on in the old dustpan this year.

  • Only  75 posts this year, way down from 2014. (132)
  • I did some  rearranging on the  blog:
    • Added meta tags to every post so that old post should be dredged forward more easily.
    • Dropped the game art page.
    • Added the game resource page as a holder for all the flotsam I have posted.
    • Made room for a swank banner by Charles Akins.
    • I think My favorite 2015 post just might be "D20 NPC's from Pandelver"
    • My most viewed post was "Add flavor to your 5th ed Combat"
At the start of 2015 I was working on expanding AAIE and had put up a play-test pdf of the basic game for download. As imperfect as that PDF is, and contrary to the fact I think it gained me nothing, I am still glad I put it out into the world.

I can see the end of the road. I know that eventually I will write my last blog post. Play or run my "last game" of D&D. I will buy my last video game. Nothing lasts forever and nothing should. I love the people I game with but have found it increasingly  difficult to engage with the games. I can't totally put my finger on why. Lack of consistency concerning when and what I'm running is part of it, real life being busy is another.

This year I pruned then segregated my RPG connections on google plus into their own circle for which I eliminated all alerts. I left almost every RPG group I was a member of on G+ or facebook. I haven't posted anything from here, or shared a blog post from here outside of the automatic G+ Public share that blogger hoists on everyone in several months. I have for all intents and purposes removed myself from the greater RPG community.*

For the  record nothing negative happened to directly trigger my step back. Outside of some easily  handled or ignored snarky replies here on the blog. Nothing negative was directed towards me at all. I do read other blogs. I do read twitter. I do follow the industry news. I get to see negativity when it crops up publicly. What little I see is enough to make me not want any part of it.

What does that mean  for this blog?
Without pushing the blog like I was, and without the potential of a "product" ever materializing the readership fell back to 2013 levels.
I'm ok with that. I haven't Earned any new readers this year. A successful blog on any subject needs to be promoted, needs to be regularly updated, and those updates need to be quality posts. In 2015 I haven't done any of those things. A successful blog is work, and I have not put in the work, the equation is as simple as that.

Onto Next year:
I'm back to posting and thinking about the  AAIE game again.
Funny story about that:
Jens D. of the Disoriented Ranger blog has taken a liking to the AAIE game I wrote last year. Just when I thought AAIE was dead and buried, Jens wrote me and asked if he could embark on making massive improvements to the layout and presentation of the PDF.  This is great, because the original PDF is a dumpster fire that needs all the help it can get.
I told him very honestly that he is, "Taking on the work I was too lazy or too unskilled to do myself."

I very much appreciate Jen's effort. First of all People whose opinions I value have told me the only thing holding AAIE back from being a game others would try and enjoy was the shity presentation. As a creative person that's a tough pill to swallow. I believe it's a correct analysis. Secondly  it's flattering that anyone would take os much time, talent, and interest in one of my projects.

So in 2016 expect to see that project move forward and eventually bear fruit. I'm not sure it will be done in 2016, but it's something I will write about.
Right now that's all I have on the fire as far as projects go.

I will continue to use this blog to promote other things I find on the web that I think are very  interesting or somehow  "gameable" either  via linking  or writing short posts about whatever has caught my attention.

I will continue to only have blogs on my blogroll I actually read.

I'm hoping I will think of something that will bring me back to this with renewed consistency and enthusiasm.

That's it 2015 gone into 2016.
If you are still checking in on this blog, I sincerely Thank you.
Have a very happy and productive new Year.


*Which is a shame because that same RPG / DIY rpg community is something I was pretty excited about trying to be a part of only a year ago.