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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ideas I want to run, but will never find the time.

I'm just going to throw a whole bunch of stuff against the internet wall. Just ideas of  games I would like to run, but am never going to be able to find the  time for.
Perhaps one of the folks I game with will see one and say, "YASSS ... WE HAVE TO DO THAT!"
Or another reader will see something and think. "Hey that's not bad. I can take that and run with it."

Here is a list in no  order.

Physical Intervention:
Fighting game characters exist in the  real world, AKA somewhere there is a guy like Ryu who can fight and shoot Hadouken spirit balls at mutant dudes like blanka. Somewhere there is a huge pro wrestler like Wolf Hawkfield who can toss people around like sacks of potatoes. The players are  a group of these kind of super humans. they  enter tournaments and  such to investigate the bad guys of the world. Kind of like a low level super power, spy, kungfu mash up.
SYSTEM: Phase Abandon, or perhaps I would buy the game FIGHT, if I Really wanted to get nitty gritty, Fate might work.

A Corpse Takes up no Space in the Void:
Sci Fi game based  not so loosely on  Borderlands, and Space Hulk. Players play scrappers who  go into old abandon human  vessels to reclaim  technology and resources. Naturally it's never that easy  shenanigans ensue.
SYSTEM: This would have been the game I was writing  "Loot Box a-go-go" had I kept at it. With that out of the  picture I think I would use Original Star Frontiers, or Even Gamma world 3rd edition from 1986. Anything wherein the players could start out soft and get a lot of gear. Gear-centric is how I would describe this idea. Lots of fiddly little modifiers helping push the  characters through obstacles.

The voyages of Noonan:
Players  Journey  among islands via ship. exploring islands as they go.
This would have to be mostly custom , as I would want the islands to be very random and  explorable. The whole thing is kind of amorphous in my mind, but I am picturing hex maps and  each hex having qualities and secrets that are determined on the fly. In effect the whole group, GM included would be exploring.
SYSTEM: Any D&D variant would do, but the simpler ones would be better. Red box, or  5th ed seem to fit my needs the  best. 7th sea would work as well. Most of the "OSR" games and Haks out there would also serve well. The  fact is the real nuts and bolts  would all have to be built on so the actual game would matter less.

Manhattan is Dead:
Simply because postapocalyptic games have not been done to death. Climate change, fuel shortages, famine, disease, and, war have decimated most of the US, and the world. The last vestiges of organized humanity cling to a crumbling half flooded Manhattan. Naturally the  people of Manhattan are still fighting among each other, and there are threats from tribes outside the island. The players play as retrievers, men and women who leave the island and look for other pockets of civilisation.
SYSTEM: Phase Abandon, or Possibly Fate. Some system flexible enough to handle a lot of situations and  give the  players some  control in a big threatening world. Cipher system would be a good choice for this one as well.

This one is just a tiny seed:
I don't have a context yet but I would love to run a game of  DC heroes (mayfair's exponential version) where the "powers" are derived from  mechs the characters are piloting.
I think that would be a beast of a game. I'm just not sure exactly  what the setting would be.
SYSTEM: Mayfair's exponential system. (Blood of heroes most likely)

Party of Five:
I would like to run a D&D 5th ed game where everyone is the same class. They can be a variety of that class, but everyone plays part of a troop of some kind. A pack of rogues, a unit of soldiers, a wizards moot. Whatever.

I know this is kind of ending on a sad note. I'm never going to see any of these ideas through to fruit. It's about having time and that time thing has been hard lately. Playing games in 2 hour chunks over the internet is just not conducive to what I think of as campaign play. Playing on weekends is tough because it's spring and  we all have houses, yards to groom,  jobs, and, wives All that stuff is what  makes life worth living but it still gets in the way of  hobbies. I have to face up to the fact that at this point in my life my window of  "running games" is slowly  closing like the eye of a drowsy cat. Board game and good company  seem to be a more efficient way to spend the days we can get a group together. It makes sense honestly, little to no prep, the same type of geeky fun and  the game itself is responsible for every ones good time. None of my lazy DM'ing can louse it up.

Well, I have once again drifted off on a tangent. It's time to stop.

Thanks for reading.