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Monday, April 18, 2016

My 200 word rpg, 2016.That did not make the contest

Last year I entered a game into the 200 word game contest found here.
This year I got lazy and missed the deadline.
I had the  game written , I just never did anything to format it and never sent  it in.
Que Sera, Sera.

So here it is the contest  entry that never was.
Thanks for reading.

Tracy’s last ride:
Tracy is dead.
You are on the way to the funeral.
Play this game in a car, on a trip.
Turn on the radio.
The next song reminds you all of Tracy, a favorite song.
The driver starts, look around at the traffic.  Say something about Tracy based on the cars you see.

Oncoming cars are negative, Cars in you lane are positive.
The Person speaking must pick a car then tell.

Cars Oncoming / Same lane

  • Red car: A time you angered Tracy / Tracy angered you.
  • Yellow Car: Something Tracy loved / something you loved about Tracy
  • Black Car: Something bad Tracy did / something bad you did to Tracy.
  • White Car: A memory you made with Tracy Positive / negative
  • Green Car: A Trait Tracy had you admired/ Trait Tracy had you disliked

Any other color: A short quip about Tracy.

Speakers go clockwise though the people in the car.

When the song ends:
What kind of person was Tracy?
Who in the car was closest to Tracy?
Who in the car should have skipped this funeral?

Tracy not a good name? Try one of these: