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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Star Frontiers:

Meet Tot, He's Dead, Tots been Dead a long time.

If Anyone who ever gets their hands on my Loot Box a-go-go game has even passing knowledge of Star Frontiers, that person will see the obvious influence the former had on my game.

I don't deny it. In fact the whole thing could almost be looked at as a hack of Star frontiers. (Hak is more trendy right?)
I have basically  taken the  old star frontiers game and trimmed the character generation down and  moved that complexity over to  the concept of Burn Chains. I touched on those in the last post.

Some things like the d100, roll under a target, and good things happen if you roll doubles resolution system, just work.
It is simple to use.
Can cover many situation without a lot of tinkering.
Has enough  numeric"space" to  allow for a myriad of modifiers.

Basicly I want a die system that is simple enough that I can just run the game and make this happen.

Clyde Caldwell(source
Because that level of Crazy kind of has to be a thing.

Which brings me to Humanity:
I am thinking about giving every player character a pool of 100  "humanity points" which can be spent to  install cybernetic "stuff. Nothing groundbreaking there. I don't really want Loot box to become a game about cybernetics and  the fact is games that include cyber stuff, often get lumped in with any other game that does cyber stuff. (It's like Cyberpunk ... but..)
in other words I have to be careful and limit the cyber portion of the  game to perhaps only certain burn chain abilities or special circumstances.
In a perfect world I would come up with some novel way Cyber abilities work, A way in which they are different than most games. I'm not sure that's going to happen. The science fiction, post human form tropes have been well established and well tread by people much smarter than I am.

My first idea is that anything the  Scrappers could afford to build into their bodies would have to be ultra functional and key to their survival.  Money is tight. A person who lives their life scavenging the  fringes of known space, would most likely not waste it  on one trick items like a gun in their hand. Full on Eclipse Phase cyber tech might be a bit out of reach in the  world of loot box.
Cyber punk-ish equipment is also a step away form the Star Frontiers swashbuckling dungeons in space feel I was going for. That's also a consideration.
So I have to give it a bunch  more thought.

-Well that's where its at, Thank you for reading