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Thursday, January 19, 2017

1d12 Things the Goblins are launching from their slings.

The goblin slingers have quietly emerged from the briers on the far side of the  field. The party, distracted by the writhing wall of spear wielding goblins in front, have not seen the new group, Positioned off to their left flank and slightly to their rear, the  goblins start loading their slings. Each slinger takes aim and hurls their payload at an unsuspecting adventurer before quickly retreating back into the thorny undergrowth.

Roll for sling payload...
  1. Bag of stinging ants: Characters in a three foot area must make a constitution save or succumb to the  pain of ant stings. Resulting in a penalty (disadvantage for 5th ed) on all rolls until the  character takes a round to clear the ants.
  2. Imp: The imp lands among the party screams "For the  resistance" then back stabs a random party member with a poison dagger. 
    1. Poison paralyses
    2. poison sleeps
    3. poison causes  victim to lash out at all nearby targets friend or foe.
    4. poison does extra necrotic damage
    5. Poison causes vomiting and the character must pass a con save each round to act.
  3. Smoke bombs: Causes vision reduction, smells like sulfur. Other goblins will retreat from the smoke. The smoke is used to attract a larger ally who will see the  smoke from a distance.
    1. Ogre hiding nearby
    2. A local minor demon who hires goblins and sometimes eats adventures.
    3. A young dragon circling overhead
    4. A smoke elemental
    5. A Nearby, much larger goblin  force, complete with goblin bag pipers.
    6. A treant who thinks the smoke s from irresponsibly managed camp fires.
  4. Blobs of molten lead. FUN.
  5. Large mud wasp nests. The slingers wear net outfits, because these nasty wasps will plant eggs in any thing they sting the  resulting larva will slowly  do damage over time before erupting from the  host as a fresh new wasp in about a weak.
  6. Small thin clay pots filled with very pure grain alcohol, Followed next round by hot coals.
  7. Mushrooms that explode into clouds of spores. Breathing the  spores cause choking exactly as a "Stinking Cloud" spell effect.
  8. Small glass jars containing Rot Grubs.
  9. Pixies in  wicker cages. They are good creatures, however once released they will be the  most annoying companions ever. Chattering, giggling, playing pranks, casting fairy fire on every thing, Little winged balls of chaos.
  10. Digger Grubs: These short, fat, stubby grubs hit the  ground and instinctively dig into the earth. The goblins throw them in great numbers and while they don't directly do any harm The overall effect is to make the  ground under the  targets feet soft and unstable. The  Targets will have to make Dexterity checks or stumble about. 
  11. Pheromones: This will attract the aggressive or amorus attention of wild beasts from a great distance.
    1. Bears
    2. Wolves
    3. Weasels
    4. Rats
    5. Orcs
    6. Giant Beatles
  12. Sling stones coated in a indelible ink that marks characters wounds with a bright blue tattoo like dye. The dye marks the characters as goblin foes and  until magically removed will incite the ire of any green skin or  green skin ally encountered.

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