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Thursday, January 26, 2017

RPG's and Twitter. (A question)

Preface: I don't know how to Twitter very well. I'm a "twitiot."

Recently (last friday) I took a few minutes to follow every RPG related twitter feed I could find. I figure if I followed someone that posts things that aren't sitting well with me I can just unfollow them and no harm no foul.
 I follow a mixed bag of scientists, freinds, pro wrestlers, local news reporters, some comedy feeds, but now my list of twitter follows is predominantly RPG's. Something I find strange and I guess this is due to  twitter's algorithms controlling what they show and when, I don't see all that many RPG related posts in my  feed.

(though I do chat with  Charles from the Dyver's Blog quite often, and had a nice exchange with the person behind the Goblin Stomper Blog)

Here's my question:
How do you utilized twitter to expand you RPG circles?  All I really do is  post once a month or so that I have this blog.
Or don't you? is  twitter useless for this  kind of thing.

Thanks for reading: