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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some Great RPG links that are not really RPG links.

I would like to share some links and  a few other things that have been giving me inspiration lately.
Just some of the things I have read on the web to riff ideas off of.
I read a lot of strange things out on the Internet while working on game  ideas... why not share the madness.

Here is a an excellent  decaying architecture Flickr account.

here are some links to geological maps from around the country.
USGS map view map data base for you geological types.

Why New York?  cause I live here.
New York sate Geological survey site.

Sort of an RPG link nice looking dice.
Artisan Dice

I find this subject super interesting.
Prehistoric mining , which is a good read in it's own right , has a great reference section.
Trade routes between Asia and Europe in antiquity,  from the met

Maps of mines:
real mine maps form Pennsylvanian, it's honestly kind of mind blowing
A ton more of that kind of thing, mine maps from all over The United States.
Ancient mines in grease
Ancient mines and trenches ...Great pictures here,

Erowids documenting the  relationship between plants humans and psychoactive... great resource if you have a druid in the party,

Great surveys of Egyptian tombs. It's like free 3D RPG maps.
Theban Mapping Project.

Masks of the  world, you can find an idea for  a shaman, a monster, a magic item, it's all so visually amazing a GM can't help but find something usable.
Masks of the World

Human population distribution through time. Just how sparse should your 100 AD campaign be?
The interactive map is the  best part of this.
This one is also good
Spatial History Project

some ruins:
Maps of Mayan ruins

Historic England / uk:
Historic England books and images.
A great PDF about medieval English settlements.
How can anyone resist a website named "Old Maps UK"
Keys to the past town info...and more.

arms and Armour
A vast Pintrest on the subject
Art institute of Chicago's collection.
Armor and arms  club Gets right to the point. Offers brief reviews of many books on the subject.
Nicely illustrated PDF on the subject 

Aliens and stuff.
A deep dive into I'm not even sure what.
Because conspiracy theories make great fodder for RPG's

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