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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wanted: The active but lesser known RPG Blogs

Here is a question thrown out to the  internet void.

Set up:
I know there are many great RPG blogs out there. A quick Glance at the Dyver's blog "Great blog roll call" from a couple years back will prove that point.
Like many others I have a small blog roll on this blog right over on the left margin. I use other people's blog rolls all the time to find interesting things to read.
One thing I have noticed however is that most of the blog rolls I see look pretty similar to each other.  The same blogs listed over and over. I understand that blogs show up on blog rolls because they are quality, have followings, good reputations, and have earned enough admiration to warrant a blog owners desire to track it's blogs posts. While I enjoy those same blogs, I think I have seen enough  links to Tenkar's Tavern to last me a life time. (Heck, I have one to!)

Here is my question:
Have any of you stumbled on recently started, or very low follower blogs that are kicking out content, but are have not made it into the general community yet?

Those are the blogs I want on my blog roll.
Considering I run a low follower blog myself I want to read and help promote other new or lesser known blogs.

If that's you , or you know of a blog like that let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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