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Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Solipsistic Dust Pan.

I'm committing RPG Blog-Suicide with this post. I get it.
Historically my least read blog posts are posts about my own work. Things I have posted about games I have written, are going to write, or are testing have received  far less than half the page views of my more main stream posts.

At some point in the past two years I started to pay more attention to how many hits each of my posts received. I think I started to care abut page views a bit too much. If I want page view, I have to write about 5th edition D&D or OSR D&D. I get that. That doesn't bother me. There are however, hundreds of blogs out there that do just that, and many are written by  more insightful and skilled authors than I am. I'm not adding anything new to the community  by focusing where other tread. I'm just hunting page views. I don't want to hunt page views.

I don't do the  add sense thing. I have not tried to sell anything from the blog. If you click a link from this blog I get nothing out of it. So for me page views are more about self-confirmation. A good number of hits says "Hey! you're onto something here." That affirmation  is less valuable when I realize just adding D&D to a posts title is worth another 100 hits no matter what I write. 

Another detail is the number of page hits which are actuality web crawling bots looking for key terms, such as D&D or whatever. I'm not  ignorant enough to think I actually have that many regular readers living in Russia. In short for me, chasing page views is chasing the wrong dragon. 500 views with zero comments is as meaningless as zero views.

The only thing I have that sets my blog apart is my own work. With that in mind I'm going to refocus my  blog on my  own games, AAIE specifically, but others as well. I understand less people will read that content. That's OK. I appreciate everyone who has ever read this bog, and I doubly appreciate those who have left comments and started conversations. I hope people continue to engage with the blog, but if you don't, I understand.

At some juncture there will be a new AAIE PDF offered, and possibly a POD version as well. I'm not a professional by any stretch and the product will doubtlessly reflect that, but I want to see this happen. When that time comes, I want this blog to be a resource for those interested in AAIE. A place to come and see how the sausage was/is made. Hopefully viewers will leave feed back and all that Jazz. It's time for me to take my own work a bit more seriously and with luck re-energize my efforts. (Always a challenge for me.)

I will update and maintain the "Dust pan game resources page" which is a tab that holds all the posts I have written specifically for use in game. Those interested in D&D content will have all of it linked right there for their viewing pleasure. I was even contemplating  putting together a PDF with all the  good stuff contained in one nice document. That may still happen.

So that's my update. 
As always,
Thank you for reading.