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Thursday, April 20, 2017

AAIE Update:

Most recent AAIE Update:
Added levels of HD to monsters" Fragile 1d4,  Weak 1d6, Normal 1d8, Tough 1d10, Ridiculous 1d12

When a monster is created a roll is made to determine what level of HD the monster will have. The  roll is weighted towards "tough" or HD = 1d10 resolve per level of the monster.

So where is this mysterious AAIE game?

First a bit of history. 
The game started as a joke between myself and one of the people I game with. He said he wanted to play a game with "tons of  random charts." With that in mind I wrote a game intent on packing it as full of charts and in jokes as I possibly could. The result was an odd little game which we played a few times, and enjoyed. I made a quick PDF, I offered it up here for free (you can look back but the link would be broken by now)  but I don't think any one downloaded it, which in hindsight is good. At that point in the time the game was way too rough to be of any use.

Now here is where things take an odd turn. I have a nasty secret. I'm more of a story gamer when it comes to the games I write. I feel old school style games don't really need more games, they need more cool stuff to use with  the games that already exist. In short, I'm not going to try and improve on basic D&D.
 When I work on a game of my own my mind tends to fiddle with more story gamer style concepts. Fact is the game I wrote which we played the  most of previous to AAIE was Phase Abandon, which is decidedly not an old school style RPG. For me AAIE was an outlier.
With all that said, AAIE kind of took off among our group. We played quite a bit of it.

Then Neal started running it at Cons.

Now Neal is an official "Game-Con-Master™" He goes to an assortment of conferences several  times during the year, runs games, makes friends, trys new things. In short he is the social gamer I wish I could be. He has run the game (AAIE) at conferences and with a few exceptions the game has been pretty well received. Cool. Part of that stems from the  fact neal is very good at running it,  and I hope  that in some small measure it's because AAIE is actually fun.

(Get to the point)
My plan, is to  polish up the PDF as much as I can with the help of Neal and Jens (from The Disoriented Ranger blog) who have been doing proofing and playtesting. Then to put it out to the world. I'm not sure how that release will be structured, I still have to give that some rigorous thought.

I also have to consider  contracting for some cover art. I'm capable enough to do interior pieces here and there, but games live and die by their covers. If I'm going to spend money on anything it would be art.

As it is the game sits at 135 pages. Laid out in Libre office (I know... not optimal. Not. Even. Close.) 

I have tried to make it as usable as possible by  keeping  subjects to their own page. So if a reader is using the PDF and looks up "perks" in the index, the page that link takes them to should have everything that person need to know about perks. 

I have tried to do charts and such as large lists that split across pages as little as possible. Some of the charts are 100 entries or more long so that's not always easy.

Obviously there is still a great deal of work to be done. 

While also from 2014 this  post is also an AAIE actual play with a few more system notes. 

The game has been chewed on a great deal since these were written. Thanks to Neal it has been played in front of a greater number of people than I ever would have done. For my part I have run it for Jens and his  friends in Germany. With this many people having played it I have to come to grips with the idea that AAIE is an actual "Game" now. I should start treating it as such.

Thank you for reading .