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Monday, April 24, 2017

The World of AAIE


Solo tested some new content on Roll20.

I Wept at the grave of Rolo Baggins.

AAIE doesn't have a default setting as it's normally thought of.
There's No default world included with the game.
Thank God, no one wants to read about my adventures in world building. 

The players start at an Inn because that's an RPG Cliche. The players can (if they want to string some games together) build a town with the treasure they find adventuring. The Gm should fill this town with quirky NPC's and former characters who have retired to a safer life.
The town, as I have it written is very "typical fantasy." I have included, churches, farms, smiths, apothecary's and many of the other expected "fantasy village" tropes. The game leans heavily on the GM to piece it all together in his or her own way. The Group gets to shape the town to their vision one building at a time. The  game master's prep work is to make something interesting out of what the game spits out at them, and what the  players choose to do.

There is nothing stopping an intrepid gm from running the game in any flavor fantasy setting he or she feels like playing. 

So far in our one town, we have had, airships, disappearing breweries, temple giants, paper bulls, syrup filled crustaceans, Moth worshipers, Rat priests... The list goes on. There's room for anything.
If a Gm wants to  add "Magnetic car shop" or "Crystal Cube Repository"  to the  mix they would just have to write up the costs, benefits, and stats for the buildings it wouldn't hurt anything.

For example , when playing online Neal and I have been using the same village for a while now. We don't worry about  stepping on each other's toes. He just  e-mails me and says , "hey there's a crashed airship over in the left hand corner of the map," and I respond, "Ok. That big circles is the void the brewery got sucked into." We can coexist because the game is meant to be a bit off the wall and whacky. strange things lying about the map just adds to that vibe and that flexibility.

Thanks for reading