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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Final Draft.

Sent the  Final draft of the  game off to  the people who are going to be editing it.


I have also done some work on sketches to fill the document with,  decided I don't like any of them and have started redoing said sketches....
It's mostly a form thing.. I like to draw in pencil, the scans of my pencil drawings look like shit.
I got a light board and have started to ink those same drawings so they will look better scanned.
It's a simple process that will take me some time, but now that I am not even thinking about writing stuff ..... I have time.

On that Note:
One last thing I do have to write: In the random story seeed section there is a d20 list of  "Mad lib style" adventure seeds that I never finished.

Neal is doing a table of  AAIE at Gen-Con this year, I want it to be  as close to "done" as it can be by then.

Hopefully  we can transform some RPG  table time:

Like Jinder to Jinder...

Thanks for reading ...