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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Part 1: GEN CON. Part 2: Old School, New school, not talking out of school.

Mixed bag post today:

Part 1:
AAIE is being run at Gen Con 😁 .. Not by me Neal Tanner who is a Gen Con veteran and the  most adamant proponent of AAIE on the face of planet earth ... (more adamant even than  your's truly.)
There were 5 seats at the table and they all sold!  Neal will have a full group of  what could be the most discriminating gamers, at the  granddaddy of all conferences. I hope he kills all of their characters in the most brutal and random ways possible.
It's cool, knowing that one of my humble games will be  played at Gencon. I appreciate the effort Neal went through to make that happen.
I have an odd relationship with Cons. I used to  joke with a friend back in school that someday we would make it to Gen-Con, I mean it's not that far honestly a couple hours by plane, we could do it. Now that I'm older and Gen-Con is so, so much bigger. I don't think I could do it anymore. I t has effectively been taken off my bucket list and replaced with things like "go hiking with my cat."

It's Anxiety. Not the crippling anxiety that some people suffer from. More of a low level hum of "I hate crowds." If I can avoid an event where some sixty thousand people turn up over the weekend, I will.

Part 2
Old school vs New school gaming floated through my timeline again. I'm not going to join the joust about the definitions or comparative value of either form of game. I'm not qualified.
What I will comment on is that as seems to always happen when this comes up (every 2 years or so?) A few of the comment sections have gotten to different levels of heated. I have no idea why.
Why is  old school gaming  or "OSR" Vs new school gaming  or "Story Games" even a thing? Why is it a contentious subject? Why do people deep enough into a "game" culture to to be reading RPG blogs feel the need to  hurl insults at each other over such a thing? We are all pursuing the same hobby, perhaps we pursue it in different ways but still it's  gaming with friends around a table. Right?
It must be human nature to argue for one's tribe. That's the  best I can come up with.
I won't go into it any further... Again, unqualified... I just don't get it.

What I will do:
I'll play either, or both.
I'll blend the two.
I'll never judge someone else's game as inferior due to  their choice of system.
I'll write new school and old school material on a whim due of my ignorance of their being much of a difference.
I'll support independent and D.I.Y. game design and designers.
I'll remember these are games.
Mostly however, I'll enjoy the  living hell out of  what ever time I get to spend around a table with good friends throwing dice.

Thanks for reading

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