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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Walking AAIE back a few steps.

Latest Additions: 
Added a Jail building to the "The Town" section.

The Jail adds a quick way for characters to pick up rewards by  hunting down fugitives. Gives characters an excuse to broaden their horizons. 
New NPC's include Jailors, guards,  and wardens.
Includes a chart of minor, severe, and horrid crimes.

The Game:
In an effort to have a FINISHED document by the time I die, I'm  cutting "The World" section  form the initial  AAIE document. While I admire the  efforts of  the people who put out 300+ page game books. I don't want AAIE to be that. 150 to 200 pages tops is my target.

I don't actually want to cut from the game, I think "The World" had some potential to act as a nice capstone to the whole thing. With that said, I need to realize that if I don't stop eventually I'll never have anything to show anyone for the effort.
I'll "probably" keep working on the new section and offer it as a complementary document sometime.

Art work:
I' sketching a bunch of strange character portraits to scatter around the  game document.
I'm not much of an artist , but the game is light hearted, I can do light hearted. I'm working almost exclusively in pencil, so they will have to be cleaned up, scanned,  perhaps run through inkscape to make portability a bit easier.
It all takes time.

My logic for using my own art is this: If I were going to acquire art for the book from anyone I would want to pay  them the going rate. It's as simple as that, I don't want to add expenses to the project that I know I will never recoup. I would have to somehow pass the expense onto people desiring  a look at the game, and I don't want to do that.

Thanks for reading