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Friday, June 9, 2017

Letting Go.

Knowing my own  limitations, in skill set, vision , motivation, and  whatever else is actually one of my strong suits. I know what I'm not good at. One of the main reasons I have this blog is my knowing I'm a bad writer and only by  writing will I ever improve.
With this in mind when Neal said "Hey I want to edit AAIE so we can do something with it," I agreed.
Now Neal is editing it once , and a friend of his is giving it another pass...and ...

Some dude I have never met is going to be coming through some game I wrote  basically as a lark ..... and  ..Ok WTF..

So  here's where my insecurities spill out, and to voice of every inept teacher I ever had in grade school who gave me shit about being too "lazy" to learn how to spell comes back into my head. I would like to think that by 42 years old I would be completely immune to that sort of thing. I'm not. I'm pretty sure only sociopaths are truly immune to that kind of thing.. I could be wrong.

regardless, I'm letting go. AAIE is my work certainly, but now it has become a team effort. Like anything else of any value in the world. There're people out there that seem to enjoy playing and running the game. GREAT. My insecurities shouldn't  become a barrier to that enjoyment. If Neal believes that the game should get more attention by being played at cons, offered up on drive through, and so on, why should I try to stop him? It's a stupid limitation and worse yet It's a self imposed limitation. IN my mind creative limitations happen, self imposed creative limitations are a sin.

Having someone edit it isn't about some guy I don't know judging me to be an idiot *. It's about  allowing my ideas to be framed in the best way possible. Allowing others who are better at certain aspects of  production to tidy up the mess I made.

Final Hot Take: I just need to lighten the fuck up...

So in the meantime I'm working on some doodly artwork to fill white spaces. I'll drop the pictures in  when  Neal is done going through the document. I have a few pieces done and read to be scanned. Nothing  great. Just funny cartoony stuff to fit the  flavor of the game.

There is no timetable, though our goal is  "Before Gen Con"

Things I want to do:
  1. There is a table of optional  Adventure seeds a bit like madlibs. There was supposed to be twenty of them I never finished the chart.
  2. There needs to be more of a "this is why this is here and what you can do with it  section to "the town"
  3. More drawings.....Need to get cracking.
  4. More  Notes for the  Game master would be nice...
  5. I'm not sure I ever explained in the text (I know this sounds funny) exactly what the difference between skilled and unskilled means..... I have to go back and look. The  difference is implied, but I'm Not sure it was ever explicitly laid out.
That's it for now.

Have a great weekend.