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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Two Maps, from a thing that never quite happened.

I have not done this for some time. "This" being just a usable map tossed on the blog for  anyone to  take and use for whatever they desire.

The  story behind this map is a tragic one. a while back I Started running a good old fashioned AD&D 2nd ed dungeon crawl, as it happens the game didn't stick. I think sometimes with these side games, if they don't stick it's honestly no big deal. It's not like our main campaign completely bit the dust. (Even though due to scheduling problems it sure seems like it has.) We got a few nights of fun out of it and  that's that. I suppose I could do a whole blog about why some games stick the go on to become the long running games we all love, versus the games that  don't go anywhere. Though I think that ground has been covered before by people a boat load brighter than I am, so all you get are some maps.

The maps: One is of a mining town perched on the  side of a treacherous mountain. The other map is  a section of mine the players explored.
I think the mining town map is  kind of shite. Just being honest. 

How I started to use it:
The town is on a plateau. A low stockade style wall surrounds the simple wood and  salvaged stone buildings. There are two gates one leading out of the camp onto a rampart heading down the mountain. The other gate leads to the  recently discovered and excavated mine entrance. The area marked "The Basset" was a mooring point for an air ship which brought the players to the mine. The air ship was also responsible for all the  supplies to the mining colony which meant it was going to drop the characters off then leave right away. In the game I ran the party was hired from the outside by an archaeologist (stationed at the  site marked "S" on the map) who was working in the newly re-discovered mine to find his assistant who had run off into the mines with the  archaeologists site survey. The archaeologist has no idea why the  assistant might have run off, however he  does want his  survey back so he can  finish  his work before the quickly arriving miners start tearing into the ancient mine below looking for  riches.

The mines are also very "plain" but there was enough meat on it that the players had to think about how to get where they wanted to go then what to do at the end. I'm not going to key and detail all the rooms and what not. Take them, re-key them, use them for whatever nefarious plot you see fit.

Some of the things I did:
There is one room noted in the mines with a heavy metal trap door covered in.  The  party fought on top of that door over the course of several rounds they failed check after check to notice it. When it finally opened only the thief fell in better still she managed to catch herself. The point of the door was not to drop a thief to her death, but to make a very loud "BANG" when it swung open, alerting the  guards in another section of the cave.

There were two exits from the map: The passage at the top of the map marked "caves would have moved of into more proper style mines. In my game a trope of goblin had take these old mines and recently had been sneaking into the mines and robbing supplies from the newly arrived miners,

 The area marked "temple" was in my game a stair case which had been filled in with sand. At the base of the stairs (once the sand was gone) was a stone door which lead into the next area of the adventure. The party made it that far however we dropped the game before exploring any further.

That's it for now.
I hope someone finds some use for these sketches.

Thanks fro reading .