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Monday, October 2, 2017

9 months of 2017

It's October.
So far This year

    • I purchased.
  • Starfinder Core book.
  • Cypher system rule book.
  • Dragon Warriors.
  • Among a few other smaller games ... (Mechs vs Kiju tiny d6 for example)
    • I wrote:
  • I pretty much finished writing AAIE
  • I rebuilt Phase abandon, which Jens D. then kindly laid out .
  • Rewrote and edited Nova 75.
  • wrote 44 entries to this blog.
    • I played:
  • Played several games of 5th edition D&D, with several different dungeon masters. (Otto & Jay, mostly)
  • Played FATE online with a group of people I had never met. Which was a lot of fun.
  • Played Lost Songs (Jen's gamge) twice
    • I Ran:
  • I ran my Aleria D&D campaign Twice. 
  • One AAIE game, and "Gaming in the woods"
  • I have run four games of AAIE, with various people, for play testing.
  • Two Games of  AD&D 2nd edition online.
2017 = Meh.