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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dragons Conquer America Kick starter

This kick starter looks interesting.
As of this writing 84% Funded, with 18 days to go.
I'm not backing only because I know at this point in my gaming life I would never get to use it.

However, the  concept seems cool enough that I would love to see the product get funded.
hoping my  tiny signal boost will help out.
The link is here.

Dragons Conquer America

From the  page:
"Dragons Conquer America takes you back to a warped, fantasy version of 1512 Mesoamerica, a few years after the first Europeans reached its lands. At that point in time, this region of central America is a melting pot of cultures and identities, bound by the might of the Mexica (a.k.a. the Aztec) empire and threatened by the terrible evils that lurk in the depths of the mossy jungle.

Rumors of foreboding omens seep through the grapevine and keep children up at night; dreadful monsters and decadent phantoms ignite fear and fury among peasants and monarchs alike; the promise of gold and glory forges the most unlikely hunting parties, as adventurers from different nations - and even continents - join forces to vanquish the darkness from the world. All this happens under the deceitful gaze of the Dragons, both American feathered and European scalebound, whose ultimate endgame - if they have any - is yet to be uncovered."
Take a look if you're so inclined.

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