This Blog 2019, Goals and Grommets

Inspired by the 2019 goals post over at Charles's Dragons Never Forget Blog, I figured I would do the same thing. 2018 right around ...

Sunday, January 6, 2019

This Blog 2019, Goals and Grommets

Inspired by the 2019 goals post over at Charles's Dragons Never Forget Blog, I figured I would do the same thing.

2018 right around new years I shuttered the Blog. I needed a break. Frankly this blog had been a failed enterprise by all the measures I could come up with. I took that break. I posted a few things that had been  hanging around the hard drive for in some cases years. Beyond those few (9?) posts I didn't do anything here for 12 moths.

Lets see what 2019 has in store for the old Dustpan Blog.

Goals or 2019:

  • Primary Goal: Run more games for and Play in more games with and for my home group.
    Those guys are my ride or die group that have been around for  years and years. Willing to put up with all my shit and still roll dice. I want to game with them more. At the table even.
    • NEAL! Where for art thou!
  • I want to post here once a week.
    • 52 posts, at least.
    • Goals, make them reachable....
  • Perhaps go to one actual Con? I'm not sure I'm not much on crowds.
  • I want to use this space to share my experiences running GURPS 4thE for the first time. 
    • GURPS is a system I read once (2nd edition) and decided to shit on for the better part of 20 years. Now I own the 4th edition basic set and want to run a post apocalyptic game on roll 20 with it. 
    • Will it work? Will I be able to get used to it? Will the players learn that there is no fucking way they soak a shot gun blast at close range? I'll let you all know here.
  • I want to post pics from my attempts to modify Matchbox an Hot Wheels cars for use with Gaslands 
    • We're going to play Gaslands. It will be an awesome at the table game. However the real fun (for me) will be making cars. If there's anyone who is going to put a drill right through their thumb, it's this guy. (THE CROWD WANTS BLOOD!)
      • For the record I already screwed up one car by using the wrong drill bit. So yeah, off to a good start.  
      • Classic Car Wars is still my bae. It always will be.
  • I want to finish AAIE and offer it up on Drive through. 
    • I had a very down on myself year last year. If I'm going to be 100% honest with myself, I was A bit depressed for the  better part of 6 months. I let most of my creative projects slip. I want to do this, this year, somehow.
    • On a side-note I want to add some stuff to drive through for Phase abandon as well.
  • I want to finish, use, and share my "Explorers" game. Which is turning into a a st of DM tools for creating  crazy  environments one hex at a time.
    • I may rip my "system" out of Explorers and make it a  generic set of tools. I haven't decided yet. 
    • I may not.
  • I want to play more games online with people I may or may not know:
    • I want to play more games with Jens D.
    • I want to play a game or two with Charles A.
    • These guys are awesome have great Blogs, make great games, do cool things.I want to play in their games.
  • I have had a good time trying games I may or may not have gotten to try  by playing online with folks from Twitter. 
    • Including but not limited to: The Worst DM, RPG Rambler, Crafty, @Kirbystar, @GamersPlane, and perhaps others whose handles are  momentarily escaping me. (if so I apologize.)
    • I played FATE
    • I Played some Savage Worlds..
    • I played some 2nd Ed. Numenera.
    • I may have not gotten to try any of those games had I not gotten to play with the twitter group, and appreciate the opportunity.
    • Made some friends along the way, which is more important to me.
So that's it . Those are my hobby goals for 2019.
I hope to meet at least some of them.


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