This Blog 2019, Goals and Grommets

Inspired by the 2019 goals post over at Charles's Dragons Never Forget Blog, I figured I would do the same thing. 2018 right around ...

Dust Pan Blog's Home brew Game resources.

This  page will be updated as I add things to the  main blog.
Hope you find something to make use of.

D.M.'s Panel Posts
How to value the  Life of a character  With Charles Akins, Neal Tanner, Mike Evans, Venger Satanis.

Adventure seeds:

Priory of the Lumbering Colossus:
The drawing that goes with it.

The Hilldugger Inn:

Haver's Harrowing Cube:

Guild of Rangers (from my  campaign)
dates back to 2013, fluff from my game.

Scarmaw Orcs:
(something I thought was good but received very little  feed back.. shrug)

Henchmen rules:

a cave map:

A temple map (with a standing stone that I have been told looks like a wiener. Classy interwebs, real classy.)

A sort of  abstract  map

Sharak Falls temple:
sloppy as hell but a fun map.

Utilizing insects.
Crime and Punishment
Jungles and D&D: (this is a long one)

Character stuff:


A 5th ed background: (The Archeologist)
This has 498 views as of today I think only because the  term 5th ed is in the title.

Wizards Baker, inspired by the old cartoon Home Movies, and just a bit silly

A 5th ED bardic school (his voice rings with Hate and Pain)

Sword of Stone and Blood

The Pin of Skull Crushing:

Random lightly silly potions alternatives.

Random NPC appearances (more modern flavor)

100 random things that can happen in a bar.

100 Things lying in the corner of your dungeon.

100 Things that Just might be in that inaccessible valley 
(I feel this is my best one)

 2d20 pantheon of Fools , Devils, and Cretins.
(its a drop chart really)

D100 things that might be in that hollow tree.

100 Random Mutations:

Natural cave hazards:
(my second best)

D20 Things that washed up on the  shore:

Voroni Diagrams

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