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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aleria Fluff.. The guild of Rangers

Aleria Fluff.
Guild of Rangers:
The lands once known as the Alarian Empire are now a loose confederacy of feudal holdings being ruled by lords and clans. Each of these territorial rulers still pays tribute to the Emperor in Dairhouse, while ruling his or her lands as they say fit. The power of the old empire is rarely felt in the outlining highlands, the concerns of an oncoming winter weigh much heavier on a citizens mind than do the opinions of a distant king's court.
News moves though the kingdom in the form of rangers, hardy outdoors-men who move from town to town, disseminating the latest news from Dairhouse. For many in a small town the rangers are the only contact they may have with a larger world around them.

Each Ranger has his or her own towns that they service. The reappearance of a ranger at the town hall or near the jarl's hearth is a welcome sight and a reason for many to gather, Drink, feast, and listen to the news of the land.

    Lately however, in the city of Dairhouse the years old tradition of the rangers is being called into question. It is being said that the Rangers are manipulating the stories and news they carry to the people. Bending the peoples loyalties even farther away from the distant empire.
The current rangers are aging, their long journeys through the wild frontiers of Aleria getting farther apart. The empire seemingly unconcerned about the thinking rank of the rangers have not brought fourth any new trainees for the order as they had in the past. Even more concerning some of the number have recently disappeared, or simply not returned from their yearly trips.

For the first time in their history the remaining rangers have called a meeting to discuss the future of the group. On the table is a continuation of their traditions of traveling from town to town as envoys of the empire. The other option being leaving the umbrella of the empire for good, and continuing their travels as an independent group bound to bring truth to the farthest reaches of the old empire?


  1. oooo do i see an order the likes of the Knights Templar forming?

  2. I think in another life Russ, you were a Templar.
    so umm where did you bury it? .. come on .. you can tell me.