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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dice chess update

Update to the dice chess, dice movement.
Each side gets 16 six sided dice.
Roll your dice then set them up chess style
Players take turns moving and taking dice.

The die value is the  number of dots showing on it's upward side. (1-6)

Movement of dice is based on the pattern of dots on the upward facing.

Ones can move 1 space in any direction and take any die regardless of value.

A two can go up to 2 spaces diagonally in the direction it is facing, and take dice of  an equal or  lesser value.

A three can go up to three spaced diagonally in the direction it is facing, and take dice of an equal or lesser value.

A four can go up to 2 spaces in any direction, and take dice of an equal or lesser value.

A five can go up to s spaces left or right or forward and back,  or up to three spaces in any diagonal direction, and take dice of an equal or lesser value.

Sixes can move up to three spaced in the direction their rows of dots are facing,  Or  two spaces in any other  direction,  and take dice of an equal or lesser value.

When a die takes another die the die taken is removed from the game. The die that just did the taking is re-rolled and returned to the game in the same square where it just took the opposing die.

The winner is the last player to have dice on the board.
The player with the highest total value of dice on the board when both player are forced to pass on a turn consecutively.


  1. that's cool. reminds mme of stratego

  2. I forgot a up and down line on the image of the "5" leave it to me .. mess up my own diagram.