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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2D20 Random Potions for Fun and likely no profit.

3d Art Potion By Ary Laszlo (Ray traced?)

You are GM-ing a game, you want throw in an unidentified potion? Fantastic.
Why not use a random  color and appearance mixed with random effects and side effects?
Here you go a chart of random potions originally written form my AAIE game.


Roll description, color,effect, side effect
Once a description / color is matched with an effect they are paired for the rest of the game session. Two effects may share the same description.

I would just roll 8d20 pair them off and add each pair to determine what row to look at in each column.
It's a lot of dice but not so bad if done ahead of time.
Roll Description Color Effect 1 Side Effects
2 Bubbly Amber Growth to twice normal size lasts 1 day. Effects damage output health ect. Does not effect equipment or clothing. Nausea D10 rounds
3 Oily Orange Shrink to half normal size for 1 day. Effects damage output health ect. Does not effect equipment or clothing. Nothing
4 Fizzy Green Hallucinogenic! The world begins to color and warp around you. Roll 1d6 if the roll is a 6 you have a vision of truth if the roll is a 1 you have a nightmare vision. Either way you must rest a day to loose the lingering effects. The sent of violets hovers about you. 1 day
5 Frothing Red Blessing as per the rules of your game system.

This could be a boon from a god  that is not of the character who drank it's faith. In such a case the GM should  determine how the fickle gods will squabble of the characters mortal soul.

The sent of death hovers about you.
6 Spitting Pink Strength, the drinkers strength doubles and wisdom is cut in half. This lasts 1 hour.

You breath out small bubbles for D6 hours
7 Slimy Violet Hawk eye for one day you have the vision of a hawk, which means you can see twice as far but your peripheral vision is cut in half. (easier to sneak attack.) Insects are attracted to you for 1 day
8 Thick Blue Silence. You exudes a three foot field of silence.
You can move silently with 0 chance of failure, however casting spells and speaking are impossible. Lasts 1d4 hours
Your left arm is paralyzed for 1d4 days
9 Swirling Indigo Trollish regeneration: Unless the damage was caused by fire or acid, the character begins to heal wounds at an amazing rate. The character also takes on a slightly “trollish appearance” (Nose lengthens, hunched walking, legs bow, arms and hands lengthen, the skin takes on a greenish pallor.) Lasts 1 day. You don't cast a shadow for 1d4 days
10 Unctuous White Healing:
the character is healed of all minor wounds.
(Use your systems rules for healing.)
The magically healed cuts leave scars the color of the potion.
You don't cast a reflection for 1d4 days
11 Lumpy Golden Vapor form.
You are now a mist you can not physically effect anything but you can move at half normal speed, under doors and through tight spaces. Non magic weapons can not effect you while in vapor form. This lasts 1 hour. If the character is in a space to small to reconstitute at the end of the hour , the character dies a horrid death as they merge with what ever they are inside of at the cellular level.
If this will mess up your game treat this as a poison of your choice.
Awful Halitosis 1 day
12 Clear Fuchsia True shot: You gain a powerful bonus to the accuracy of any ranged weapon you are using. You take an equal penalty to any melee weapon you might wield. This lasts 1 hour. Deafness for one day
13 Full of sticks and twigs Ruby Stone skin: Your skin becomes hard as stone and will absorb the next 1d6 physical attacks against you. However your movement is cut in half. Insomnia for 1d4 days.
14 Brackish Azure Mastery: this potion will give you a basic level of skill in one of the following skills for one day:
1. Animal handling, 2. Appraisal 3. Armour Smiting 4. Weapon smithing 5,Climbing 6, Forgery.
Small plants die where you step 1 day
15 Dilute Jade Fire breathing:
Drink this potion and you may make up to three powerful cone shaped fire breath attacks during the next day.
However whenever you take damage roll 1d6 on a roll of 1 you will accidentally breath fire effecting any one and anything in-front of you.
Your skin turns the color of the potion for 1 day
16 Turbulent Rainbow Stunning blow:
After drinking this potion your next successful attack will stun your target as per the rules of your game. This effect lasts 1 hour, but is only good for one stun.
An extra eye appears randomly n your face it lasts 1 day.
17 wavy Emerald green Just plain stunning:
This potion make the drinker twice as physicality attractive. The effect lasts 1 day. It does not stop them from being jerk.

Narcolepsy roll 1d12 every round on a 1 you nods off loosing the turn lasts 1 day.
18 Has a dead mouse floating in it. Sickly Yellow Flight:
You can FLY ! The potion lasts 1d4 turns then abruptly ends.
If flight will mess up your game treat this as a poison of your choice.

A tooth falls out
19 Viscus Grey Jumping: The drinker can jump twice as far and fall twice as far without damage. Elephant ears for 1 day.
20 Smoky Olive D100 gold pieces appear in the character pockets. I hope they weren't expecting water breathing.

Dirt trickles out of your pant legs at a rate of about a pound an hour for 1 day.
21 Milky Magenta Water breathing. This character can breath under water for 1d4 hours roll d6 on roll of 2-6 the character is amphibious on a roll of 1 they may breath ONLY under water for the duration of the effect. You have a visible golden glow for 1 day
22 Frozen Bronze Pass through stone.
The character may walk directly through solid stone at will for 1d4 turns. If the character is still inside the solid stone when the effect wears off, well that's how fossils are made.
If this will mess up your game treat this as a poison of your choice.
A small raining thunder cloud trials you for one day, Raining only on you. Each turn there is a 5% chance you will be hit by a tiny lighting bolt for d6 DMg
23 Chunky Burnt Umber Shell:
The character grows a hard exoskeleton that improves unarmored protection to that of chain mail. The character also grows a set of sensitive antenna the effect of which is up to the GM. This lasts 1 day.
A trail of smoke and the smell of sulfur travels with you. 1 day.
24 Placid Cherry Acid Touch.
Your hands begin to leak a strong acid. The acid will burn flesh eat leather in 2 turns and cloth will be destroyed in 1 turn. This will be a great help in battle, and annoying everywhere else. Lasts 1 day.
All of your Cloth clothing (including leather) begins to rot. It is gone in a day
25 Pulpy Rose Unmovable object:
For the rest of the day you can't be knocked back or knocked down, Even if you die you will remain standing, making for an extra creepy corpse.
Any statue you touch weeps blood 1 day.
26 Soapy Puce Turn Undead.
This potion allows the drinker to turn undead as per your games rules once. Lasts 1 day.
Roll 1d6 on a 6 this is a control undead potion.
Animals are afraid of you for 1 day.
27 Succulent Lime Detect evil:
This Potion makes any evil character in the casters vision look like minor demons.
Lasts 1 day.
Any food you touch for one day spoils.
28 Sappy Florescent Green Antidote.
This potion makes the drinker violently extrude any poison they may have ingested or had stabbed into them. How the poison is violently extruded is up to the GM.

Birds are attracted to you for one day. They like to land on you in groups, it's annoying.
29 Syrupy Florescent Blue Speak with animals:
For the rest of the day you can talk to the animals!
Now if you could get them to shut up, that would be an even better trick.

Your face is obscured by darkness and your voice is much lower than normal for one day.
30 Molten Beige Astral travel:
For one night you can project your spirit into the astral plane, when the night ends your spirit is sucked back into your body.
If this will mess up your game treat this as a poison of your choice.
Sleep walking for 1d4 days.
31 Steamy Lilac Speed:
this potion doubles your attacks per round and movement rate for 1 hour. When it's over you are super hungry.
You can not see elves for 1 day, they are visually invisible to you.
32 Dazzling Plum Resist: This potion offers resistance to one of the following. 1.heat 2.cold 3.electric 4.physical damage 5. psionics / telepathy 6.magical effects

Use your games rules for general resistance.
Lasts 1 hour
Every time you talk there is a 1 in 4 chance you wills stutter badly. 1 day. Effects casting.
33 Reflective Sky Blue Telepathy: You can read the mind of one target for 1 hour. Use your games rules for resisting such things.
If this will mess up your game treat this as a poison of your choice.

Lips swell to a very large and unnatural size. 1 day
34 Foaming Lavender Telekinesis. The character may lift and manipulate weight equal to their intelligence times 10 from a distance equal to their intelligence in meters. WITH their MIND! Lasts 1 hour. Total body numbness 1 Day
35 Congealed Silver Berserk Rage:
This potion drives the drinker into a berserk killing frenzy (use rules for bezerking from what ever game you like)
Extreme thirst for 1 day.
36 Stable Black Spider climb:
The person who drinks this potion sprouts four extra small appendages two on each side for their body , that allow them to climb sheer surfaces and even hang upside down. They are great if you don't mind sticky baby arms hanging off your ribs. Lasts 1 hour
A fresh breeze follows you every where for 1 day.
37 Sparking Peach Radiance.
The character gives off a very bright 30 foot radius light in the color of the potion. (if the potion was black treat as darkness. If the potion was clear treat as invisibility.)
Lasts 1d4 hours.
Small fires die when you get close to them for 1 day (lanterns, torches, anything smaller then a fire place.)
38 Boiling Copper Poly-morph potion:
The character turns into a 1:Cat 2:Rat 3:Bear 4:Bat 5:Dog 6:Snake 7:Another person 8:Crow 9:Rhino 10:Ape
For 1d4 hours.

Distant ghostly music follows you for 1 day
39 Roiling Clear Potion of Vitality:
this potion eliminates any feeling of hunger, thirst or fatigue from any one who drinks it. It also makes the drinker euphoric and prone to saying silly things. Lasts 1 day.
Grow a set of pretty but non functioning fairy wings.
40 Vaporous Dirt Brown Potion of Rest:
Drinking this potion is equal to sleeping 8 hours.
Wizards can memorize spells, ect. 1 in 10 drinkers of this potion suffer form waking dreams for 1 full day after they drink. (how this affects a character is up to the GM.)
Your weight drops to ½ normal for one day. Creating a cadaver like appearance. Effecting strength and clothing

This one was done in Blender  Damn that's nice work

Also, you can use this from Chaotic Shiny It Does the same thing with the click of a button.

Thank you for reading
Hope you enjoy.

Leave questions and comments in the empty potion cask below.
Drink responsibly

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