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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another quick Map sketch (Decrepit Temple of Sharack Falls)

Within the caves of Sharak Falls  there is an ancient temple. A temple where worshipers of the gorge once sacrificed locals, casting them through the purifying water of the  falls into the enveloping darkness below.
The  statues are now fallen, the cult a memory, a story used to scare children into doing their chores. The  temple is  known as a dark and evil place.

A quick map I doodled while watching TV with my wife last night.
if anyone has use for it have at it, just let me know how it turns out.

So what's in the temple? That's up to you, here are some starting points...

 Roll D12 or whatever.
  1. It's become a roper breeding ground. The interior is crawling with  roper spawn and spawning   ropers. The are all very aggressive as you have interrupted them  in the midst of getting busy how ever ropers do the do.

  2. The  cult never left, their bodies remain strewn around the upper level of the temple . Skeletons piled in the corners liek cord woo, skulls crushed bones bent unnaturally. the summoning circle in room two  burnt from the  floor on the northern border. What happened here. A loud scrapping noises can be heard from below.

  3. The  pool in room 1 leaks in from the falls that crash near the upper level entrances. The  pool undulates and  swirls in an abnormal way, tentacles of  water nearly invisible reach out to grasp any one who passes by. The  old rituals have failed. The greater water elemental that lives far below the falls has extended it's influence even here. 

  4. The ghosts of a hundreds of  ritual sacrifices have taken this place as their own. they live in the waters of the falls and they will no longer abide the  living.

  5. A clutch of  Ankhegs have taken up residence in the old temple. Hungry Ankhegs.

  6. The  ancient order  forged a bargain with a water elemental, giving them the  ability to  breath under water. The  took to the  pool far below the  falls,  building a society of their own in the deep darkness and cold below.  Once every five years a party of these pale near blind mermen journey to the surface and abduct children form the  surrounding country side to bolster their numbers.

  7. Three of the old  priests are still alive. Each incredibly powerful and more than a bit insane,they endlessly debate the nature of water while a company of undead servants provide for them. The servants naked, pale, and  nearly  rotting apart are other  acolytes of the temple long dead. They mindlessly serve the three remaining endlessly trudging down the  cliffs into the darkness to find food and hunt pale blind fish that  circle the pools below. Each of the remaining priests  alone would be a powerful foe, if they could ever agree on anything they could unleash great misery on the lands above. 
    The first priest Sarin believes that all the  world can be fit in to geometric patterns and has dedicated his life to the  art of geomancy as it pertains to the elements.

    The second Priest Brunthor believes in  hardening of the  spirit through meditation and perfecting the  physical self. He meditates for days at a time in area six , naked under the rushing water fall. He is a diamond Monk, he has seen into himself and looks to only  find perfection.  If he captures a party member he will chain them under the water fall to purify them. They will only survive 1 hour per point of constitution bonus (or  equivalent in your game.)

    The third Monk Galet  worships the demon of the pool below, he knows there is power deep in the under-dark and he taps it for his own use. He is a powerful summoner and demonologist who  is always  looking to experiment on raw souls.

  8. Stone trolls invaded the temple several years ago and slayed all of the monks. Now the trolls lie in wait hibernating, appearing like grotesque statuary within the temple.

  9. The  temple is still occupied by a devout if not a bit standoffish brotherhood of monks who worship a water goddess as embodied by the waterfall. They will offer the party  gold for  fresh fruits and any rations they might have. the monks will also provide healing and some directions deeper into the caves below. The monks don't stray to far into the depths but a few of the younger members of the order might be swayed by the chance for some adventure,

  10. The temple is abandoned. On the railing  in area six there is a thick rope that hangs down into the darkness. On a rock wall nearby the word "Flee" has been written in  charcoal.

  11. RATS! like hundreds or thousands of them swarming everywhere! Normal ones, giant ones, dire ones, a wear-rat lord oversees it all.

  12. The  temple is empty and  quiet, a large not quite human skeleton lies within the circle in room 2. Everything else is cleared out. The ritual circle is made of  lines crafted carefully out of  silver dust, a gem lies within the  rib cage of the  massive skeleton all but obscured form view. What could have gone on here?

    He hates you.
Hope you enjoyed reading, 
hope someone gets so use out of a quick map sketch, even if its just to take the idea and run with it.

Please leave questions and comments next to the shredded monks hood bellow.

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