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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Die Drop insta dungeon test,

Testing a DG die drop random dungeon generator I have been working on.
Here is the resulting roughly drawn map and random room rolls.
Use it if you like.

The room descriptions which follow the map were rolled randomly to give a jump stat to the GM's imagination.  Naturally more fleshing out would be needed before the  temple would be usable, but there are some nice game seeds in the random results.

All told it took me about  20 minutes

Throughout the  temple the  stone walls have been intricately carved to look like thatched wood.

  1. The room has thick moldering carpets hanging from the  walls.
  2. An evil looking altar dominates the center of this room.
  3. A musty wind constantly  blows through this room.
  4. You can faintly hear music  is seems to be coming form the  walls.
  5. Contains an altar to the  Slug lord.
  6. This room is  filled with  dozens of already hatched eggs and eg sacks.
  7. The body of a recently slain warrior can be found here.
  8. This room has one natural stone pillar in it's center supporting the roof, and the dead body of a woman can be found slumped in the corner.
  9. There is a cluster of Basketball sized, slimy blue eggs in the corner.
  10. A rust cage hangs by chains from the ceiling.
  11. This room constantly vibrates and emits a low hum.
  12. A pile or rusty armor and weapons lie in the center of the room.

once I get the  generator to a more  substantial state I will begin sharing it here.

Thank you for reading.
Drop some  D6's  in the  question and comments section below.

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