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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pocket full of Everything. ( A Magical artifact to ruin your game)

World wrecking  Magic ahead,
(Or at least the kind of magic that complicates the shit right out of everything.

It was first reported to be owned owned by the Sultan Orhaun, in the land of Min.

It was lost at sea, durring the battle of 1000 fallen stars.
It reappeared on the  breast of a queen.
It has been stolen time and time again.
When the opportunity  cam about the elder mage Gramastus  was afraid to study it.

It is called the Blood of the Desert, though it has been called many things in the past.

It's  by all accounts a large uncut Ruby. The stone will not take a facet, no jeweler has been able to shape or mar it's surface. In fact Ohzmet Qutar the  greatest jeweler of his time was put to death when he failed to facet the stone for his king.

Those who possess the stone gain a hidden power.

If the  stone is worn while sleeping , the wearer will consistently dream of a tiny  green speck.
Over time if the  wearer becomes aware of this dream, (what ever check your game would use for lucid dreaming I guess.) The  wearer my opt to concentrate on the speck.
Once this determination has been made the speck will rapidly enlarge until it is becomes a full blown  world in the eyes of the the wearer. In fact the wearer will find them-self standing in the middle of a field out side a small town  on a pleasant day, the smell of wood smoke and wet spoil in their nose.

They have arrived at a pocket dimension, fully realized and existing with in the stone.
The only way in is durring sleep.
They will leave when they awake.
Time seems to move quickly in the pocket dimension allowing the traveler to  experience several days in the  pocket dimension to each night of sleep.
The can bring things that they can carry  on their person in and out of this pocket dimension.
The  pocket dimension is a full world unto it's self, the  traveler has no  control over where or when they appear in the dimension each time they travel there.
The exact contents of the  dimension is up the the GM, however it should not be that far out side of the  normal rules and topology of the characters regular experience.
If the character dies in this pocket dimension they will also die of a heart attack in their asleep in their normal dimension.

The danger is a traveler may come to enjoy their life in the pocket dimension more than their day to
day life.
This happened with The cultists Salim Harad third known holder of the stone.
In these cases the traveler fights waking up and  eventually slips into a coma and starves to death in their original dimension. In the pocket dimension they experience hunger that can not be satiated and eventually fade away truing into red wraiths. Several of these wraiths of past travelers haunt the recesses of the pocket dimension, holding onto the memories of times past.These wraiths have been the subjects  quests which aim to gain lost secrets taken to the grave by  a holder of the  stone.

Thank you for reading
Have a great day.

Above pic by Arnaud De Vallois, Found here, Used with out permission, Damn does it fit what I wanted. Lots of other cool images on his blog.

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