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Friday, September 11, 2015

Go Play

On the internet, we talk, argue, and, insult each other about games. We rarely express how blessed we are to have the time to waste thinking about such inane things.

There are people just as smart and imaginative as anyone reading this blog who don't have the chance to argue. People that will never get the chance to enjoy a life such that they have time to waste arguing over role playing games.

So Go play.

GO play OSR Games.

GO play story games.

Go play board games.

GO Larp.

Go make up your own RPGs and play them with your friends.

Go to Cons, make new friends.

Go do whatever you want.

If you want, take a second to realize how lucky we are. Think about the privilege we waste every time we're unkind to each other on the internet over something as inane as games.

OK, now that I'm off my soap box, here's the tax.

Have this:
A 13 point game.
It's shit.
  1. Each player Describes their character.
  2. Each player picks a number from six to fifteen.
  3. A lower represents the importance of the character in the current story.
  4. No two players may have the same number.
  5. Any time a character declares and action that might fail a Game master will ask the player to roll 1d20.
  6. If the roll is higher than character's number, they succeed.
  7. When a character succeeds the player says how the action resolves.
  8. When a character fails the GM says how the action resolves.
  9. Every time character succeeded that character's number drops by 1
  10. Every time a character fails that character's number increases by 1. 
  11. If a character's number ever reaches 20 that character is eliminated from the story.
  12. A successful character may choose to reduce another character's number rather than their own.
  13. If two characters end up with the same number the group must decide based on their current situation which character gets the higher number and which character gets the lower. If no one can agree on who will get the lower number the Gm will make the decision, again based on the character's current situation.


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