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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not dead, it just smells that way.

The blog is not dead, I have just been busy with other projects and real life at work stuff the past month.
Currently playing:
We have been playing World Wide Wrestling RPG on when else ... Monday nights.
We skipped last monday due to the aforementioned distractions.
We had a big show with a title tournament and all sorts of chaos / interruptions / stipulations at our last show.
(Hear it all Here)
Our next show is going to be  dealing with the fallout from that show and perhaps debuting the women's division.
There is currently a kickstarter for  a second book supporting  the  World Wide Wrestling game, this new book covering Wrestling from Japan and Mexico as well as other  permutations of the sport. That's right in my wheelhouse since I have been a fan of Wrestling from Japan since the  early 90's. All I can say is I for one am looking forward to the new material.

My D&d 5th game is on hiatus .
The part was left making trade agreements with some locals in a small town in return for the foundations of an old hill fort they are going to renovate.
I think next time we play I will pick up halfway through that process in the next spring. The fort partially built, the ship they are working on partially built and  the crops just coming up so they will have to  come good on their agreement to get the town's goods to market.

One of the  guys is running Stars Without Numbers, and while I have not quite gotten my head around the  system, I am enjoying my  supportive role as the ship's pilot. I honestly never have and don't mind taking on secondary rolls in  RPG's. I don't need a lot of  "spotlight" to enjoy a game. Chris is  weaving an interesting story and  I am  perfectly happy to be the  "guy who flies the ship" and  provides scanner info and what not from above when the team is on a mission.

Video Games:
Still playing WWE2k16 long after I thought the flaws in the game would drive me to stop. I think it goes hand in hand with the  World Wide Wrestling RPG honestly. I wouldn't be playing the video game as much if I were not playing the RPG.

Our Group has been playing Guild Wars 2 again recently. I can't say I'm into it like I was. I think I need to  play some more and relearn the games systems before I can say I'm enjoying it again.

Need For Speed: 

Got this street racing game on sale on the playstation network and  I think it's great. Nuff said.

Far Cry, Primal:
Just started this game, barely even scratched the surface yet, it's amazing. I'm not sure exactly what I'm in for but it feels like cave man Skyrim. Such a great looking game.. no other way to put it.

I will tame all of the things.

I hit a cannibal with a burning club, he caught fire and ran away. As he ran the brush caught fire behind him, causing a minor forest fire.... Would set that cannibal aflame again..


Shards of Thinbral:

Dead and Buried. I don't think I will be working on that again.

Thought the powers of Jens over at The Disoriented Ranger Blog, this game is getting a facelift and  some  much needed  editing. It will be back  as soon as we can get it done. Strange that AAIE the game I was least "proud" of. (not the  best way to describe the feeling but stick with me.) Is the game that others have gotten behind at various levels.

Phase Abandon:
I have plans where this is concerned but so far they are just shadows in the corners of my mind.

Nova 74:
This might  come back to life soon, I have to re-read it, change some stuff, get back into it.

This blog:
I have a big random chart type post coming soon, it's just still being written.

thanks for reading