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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ape and Monkey

I hate apes and monkeys, they creep me out. I'm not sure why, but I don't find them cute or funny. I find them oddly disturbing.
Let's take this Phobia head on with what might be the most esoteric and useless charts I have ever written.

Chart 1: Body / fur / Face /Tail. Roll four times on this chart.
The  first result is the  body,
the second result is the fur,
the third result is the  tail,
and the fourth result is the Face.

ROLL 4d10 :

  1. Spider monkey like / Matted Brown / Sloth like / Bushy Prehensile
  2. Large, 200lb chimp / Sleek and long / deep set eyes, huge brow / Slim, prehensile, long
  3. Tiny and marmoset like / Short Course / Almost feline cat like eyes in a small skull / Droopy
  4. Baboon / flowing yellow with red tips, looks like fire / Flat wide face / Sweeping long haired
  5. Capuchin / Mottled spots / Mandril like / Tiny stub tail
  6. 300 lb gorilla / Thick dark fur / Proboscis monkey like / no tail
  7. Howler monkey / Tufted with  large golden mane / Howler monkey like / Naked prehensile tail
  8. Squirrel monkey / Greasy grey / Baboon faced / Coarse haired tail
  9. Early Hominid like, upright walker. / Grey and wooly / snub nosed / Droopy long  haired
  10. Mandrill Body / Pure white / Bald red skull like face / Poofy white tail.
Organisation: 1d6
  1. Lone monkey: This monkey acts alone.
  2. A Band: 1d6 males with one leader which is larger than the rest.
  3. A troop: 1d12 +8 individuals of mixed sexes and age. One individual is larger than the rest and leads the  group, there will usually be 2 lieutenants which are also  larger than the average.
  4. Bonded Pair: These two  apes are mated for life and travel together.
  5. Swarm: all 1d10 x 1d6 of these apes are half normal size and travel in a pack.
  6. Outcasts: 1d6 large individuals who are resently usurped Troop leaders.
Intelligence: 1d6
  1. Base animal intelligence.
  2. Marginal intelligence, basic found tool user.
  3. uses simple crafted tools
  4. Low hominid level intelligence, ability to plan, no written language.
  5. Human level intelligence, builders, written language. 
  6. Hype intelligent, applicable of great mental feats, perhaps even psionic.

Abilities: 1d6
  1. HOWL: These apes can let out an ear splitting  howl that can deafen targets. when done as a group it can  smash glass containers and cause physical / sonic harm.
  2. FLING: These Apes will fling rocks at high velocity with deadly accuracy.
  3. MINIONS: These apes have captured and trained / applied lesser animals such as snakes, scorpions, spiders and the like. The Monkeys will use the  venomous animals as guards, projectiles and traps. The may have also trained loud birds or small mammals to acts as living alarm systems.
  4. NECRO MONKEY: These apes don't stay dead. IS the party prepared for tree dwelling brain eating zombie-apes.
  5. WEAPONS: regardless of their intelligence level these Apes use some kind of weapons. It could just be sharp sticks or swords and Armour, depending on brain power.
  6. CAMMO: These apes can blend seamlessly into the canopy.

Motivations: 1d6
  1. Hunger: These apes need food and they need it now.
  2. Territory: These Monkeys have been driven from old or are looking for new territory.
  3. Revenge: These Apes have been slighted some how and are seeking revenge. This could be very basic such as one troop stole a food source form this troop at the lower intelligence levels, to any  perceived slights at the higher intelligence levels.
  4. Competition: The players are perceived as threats to these Monkeys social status.
  5. Curiosity: Are these the first humans these apes have seen?
  6. Conquest: These monkeys are looking for new troops to conquer and enslave.
First rolled ape type:
I rolled up one example  first set of rolls yielded.
Babboon sized and shaped with thick dark fur. A snub nosed face and a bushy prehensile tail.
They live in a troop of 13 individuals with one large leader. They possess a low hominid level intelligence, communicate with a simple language, and hunt together in a pack. They wield sharpened sticks as spear like weapons. The group seems to be motivated by taking over new territory so that they may expand the troop.

Thanks for reading

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