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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

State of the Dust Pan 2016 into 2017 edition.

Well here we are 2017.
A constant in RPG blogging that has always amazed is the longevity of other blogs.

This blog had a down year post wise..
My 2017 post count was in the 40's

Down from in the 70's the year before..

Which for the record was down from over 100 the  year before that..

On the  plus side I  broke 100000 page views (As of this writing sitting at 100,158.)
A big thank you to all of the humans who has actually viewed the blog. Which is a debatable thing considering 12k of the views are from the web crawler linked to the Russian equivalent of Google.

The post with the most views from 2016 was "Packing it all away" Which was about how what we play in our formative years can shape what we are comfortable with well beyond that. I was surprised it received as many views as it did.

I think my favorite post of 2016 was "Adventures in the Canopy" A system neutral post about  the myriad of ways characters can die in a jungle. It was may favorite because it was useful and I put a fair amount of effort into it.

MY least popular post of 2016 was, "A quick hitter : Things A Gm can learn from Pro wrestling." This  gem neted all of 60 views.. so I think I will stay away from that subject for a while. I just re read it. It's not a bad post. It's not great either so I guess it deserves this  lowest of the year status.

I feel I put out some good posts this year with less obvious "fluff."  With that said my post count was far lower than it should be  If I expect to have a "successful Blog." (whatever that is.)
When I did this year end round up last year I named the post (Not dead it just smells that way)

Games and where I'm at in the hobby:
In that blog I wrote about  my D&D game being on Hiatus. It has kind of gone back to that same state again. I think it has more to do with everyone being busy this time of year than any other factor. Having the  holidays on weekends this year really mucked things up.
For the record we played about  five times in the past year. The Party continues to  re-energize ley lines and generally cause chaos wherever they roam. Wilhelm the dwarf ended his story and has gone off to find a path in life. The town of Holbek has been left in the rearview for now, as the party has gone from city to city flowing the ley lines.

World Wide Wrestling ended and we never went back to it. It's a fun game finding time to play has been difficult. I received the second book  "International Incident" but have not used the material yet.

Chris is still running stars without numbers just not as often, due to all those scheduling issues listed above. I have missed so many games not I honestly have no idea where we are at. It's unfair to Chris because I know he puts alot into it but that's also just how the cookie crumbled.

We did not kill Krampus this year, which in 2016 seemed fitting.

Current video games:
Unpopular opinion here, I tried Overwatch for a month or two and hated it.
Another unpopular opinion, as a non Star Wars Fan, I really enjoy star wars Battlefront.


This game will get some more attention in the coming months, some sprucing up and  another read through. I guess one of the guys is planning on running a table of it at Gen Con.. Thats awesome. Though I otherwise done with it as a project, having it run at Gen con is motivation enough for me to make it better..

I have  no other projects on the table right now, and am not planning on starting any.

This  Blog:
I don't know, completely up in the  air.

Thanks For Reading.

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