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Monday, February 20, 2017

D12 Combat details for attacks with an ax

You have successfully hit your target with an ax.
Or you have been hit by an ax.
This is not a critical hit. This is just a hit, normal damage.
Combat is a crazy thing, and odd things happen. The Gm may call for a combat detail rm the  chart below.
I tried to be as  system agnostic as possible, but it assumes attack rolls, Armour, damage and such.

 Roll 1d12

  1. The ax cuts the targets straps either on armor or on any packs winch are present. Things fall to the floor.
  2. the ax gets caught in the targets cloth  clothing ripping it to pieces as the weapon is drawn back.
  3. It is a flat side hit, normal damage but the type is bludgeoning not slashing.
  4. A buckle or haft is stuck, the edge of your ax is notched. Causing no modifiers, but this should be repaired as soon as possible.
  5. You have hooked a limb with your ax. You and your target both roll 1d6 if the target rolls higher, it yanks your ax from your grip, if You roll higher you  pull back your weapon doing a normal damage roll to your foe. If the roll is a tie, re roll your intuitive.
  6. You strike with force but are pulled off balance by the weight of the ax. Gm can determine the  mechanical result based on your system.
  7. You have hooked your targets shield,  on the next round they will get no benefit from it, If they have no shield you have hooked their clothing giving them a slight  armor  penalties to your next strike.
  8. If your attack missed it still hits hard enough on your opponents armor to  shake their resolve. The target should make a morale-check. If the attack hit the  heavy blow of an ax has demoralized the target, and their morale (if applicable in your system) goes down by d4 for the rest of the combat.
  9. If the opponent has a shield it is sundered split by your ax. Roll 1d6 if the roll is a 1 the  ax head is stuck in the  sundered shield if the  roll is a 6 the  the  shield splits in two and  is useless. If this result is scored again vs the same target the shield is automatically destroyed. If the target has no shield you instead Sunder them. Knocking the target backwards and down to one knee.
  10. Your  Ax and their weapon lock. Both characters make strength checks the winner of which (whoever rolls the greatest degree of success) moves ahead in the initiative order next round. 
  11. You swing your ax, hit or miss you change grip to your other hand quickly to come crossed with a second attack. You move to the top of the initiative order next round , as long as you attack but your attack is made with your off hand. Otherwise you may choose another action and remain in the same initiative order.
  12. You  strike your targets knee with the  haft of your weapon hobbling them.
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