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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Remember Blood Bowl? (Blood Bowl Rule Variant)

Blood Bowl... That games work shop classic.
Rage inducing,
Dice throwing,
Mini smashing,
Curse word inviting,
mind numbing,
table flipping,

I've Played it.....

Here's a variant rule:

When a coach suffers a turnover on their turn rather than end their turn completely, the defending coach gets to take one of the following actions with any one figure on their team. (move, pick up a ball, foul, or block)  This is called an "off turn action." Each opposing figure my only have one such "off turn Action" during their opponents turn. A coach may not spend Re-rolls on off turn actions. 
Once the "Off turn action" is resolved the the original coach may resume activating and taking actions with their team.
A coach's turn ends only when that player has taken action with or skipped every figure on their team.
Also here's  A skill for leveled up players:

Opportunist: Great at seizing opportunities as they present them selves. This player make make up to two "Off turn actions" per opponents turn rather than the normal one.

Using this rule changes the nature of the game:

  • Puts some bite into missing a die roll with out totally deflating the  will to live of the player who just rolled double 1 on a go for it then  1 again on the re-roll.
  • Removes some of the  .."Ohh I failed to pick up the ball, now I'm 100% screwed" moments.
  • Keeps both players involved during a turn.
  • Might open the game up a bit more.
  • Would unfortunately slow down an already long game.

Thanks for reading

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