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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Part 1: GEN CON. Part 2: Old School, New school, not talking out of school.

Mixed bag post today:

Part 1:
AAIE is being run at Gen Con 😁 .. Not by me Neal Tanner who is a Gen Con veteran and the  most adamant proponent of AAIE on the face of planet earth ... (more adamant even than  your's truly.)
There were 5 seats at the table and they all sold!  Neal will have a full group of  what could be the most discriminating gamers, at the  granddaddy of all conferences. I hope he kills all of their characters in the most brutal and random ways possible.
It's cool, knowing that one of my humble games will be  played at Gencon. I appreciate the effort Neal went through to make that happen.
I have an odd relationship with Cons. I used to  joke with a friend back in school that someday we would make it to Gen-Con, I mean it's not that far honestly a couple hours by plane, we could do it. Now that I'm older and Gen-Con is so, so much bigger. I don't think I could do it anymore. I t has effectively been taken off my bucket list and replaced with things like "go hiking with my cat."

It's Anxiety. Not the crippling anxiety that some people suffer from. More of a low level hum of "I hate crowds." If I can avoid an event where some sixty thousand people turn up over the weekend, I will.

Part 2
Old school vs New school gaming floated through my timeline again. I'm not going to join the joust about the definitions or comparative value of either form of game. I'm not qualified.
What I will comment on is that as seems to always happen when this comes up (every 2 years or so?) A few of the comment sections have gotten to different levels of heated. I have no idea why.
Why is  old school gaming  or "OSR" Vs new school gaming  or "Story Games" even a thing? Why is it a contentious subject? Why do people deep enough into a "game" culture to to be reading RPG blogs feel the need to  hurl insults at each other over such a thing? We are all pursuing the same hobby, perhaps we pursue it in different ways but still it's  gaming with friends around a table. Right?
It must be human nature to argue for one's tribe. That's the  best I can come up with.
I won't go into it any further... Again, unqualified... I just don't get it.

What I will do:
I'll play either, or both.
I'll blend the two.
I'll never judge someone else's game as inferior due to  their choice of system.
I'll write new school and old school material on a whim due of my ignorance of their being much of a difference.
I'll support independent and D.I.Y. game design and designers.
I'll remember these are games.
Mostly however, I'll enjoy the  living hell out of  what ever time I get to spend around a table with good friends throwing dice.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Final Draft.

Sent the  Final draft of the  game off to  the people who are going to be editing it.


I have also done some work on sketches to fill the document with,  decided I don't like any of them and have started redoing said sketches....
It's mostly a form thing.. I like to draw in pencil, the scans of my pencil drawings look like shit.
I got a light board and have started to ink those same drawings so they will look better scanned.
It's a simple process that will take me some time, but now that I am not even thinking about writing stuff ..... I have time.

On that Note:
One last thing I do have to write: In the random story seeed section there is a d20 list of  "Mad lib style" adventure seeds that I never finished.

Neal is doing a table of  AAIE at Gen-Con this year, I want it to be  as close to "done" as it can be by then.

Hopefully  we can transform some RPG  table time:

Like Jinder to Jinder...

Thanks for reading ...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Walking AAIE back a few steps.

Latest Additions: 
Added a Jail building to the "The Town" section.

The Jail adds a quick way for characters to pick up rewards by  hunting down fugitives. Gives characters an excuse to broaden their horizons. 
New NPC's include Jailors, guards,  and wardens.
Includes a chart of minor, severe, and horrid crimes.

The Game:
In an effort to have a FINISHED document by the time I die, I'm  cutting "The World" section  form the initial  AAIE document. While I admire the  efforts of  the people who put out 300+ page game books. I don't want AAIE to be that. 150 to 200 pages tops is my target.

I don't actually want to cut from the game, I think "The World" had some potential to act as a nice capstone to the whole thing. With that said, I need to realize that if I don't stop eventually I'll never have anything to show anyone for the effort.
I'll "probably" keep working on the new section and offer it as a complementary document sometime.

Art work:
I' sketching a bunch of strange character portraits to scatter around the  game document.
I'm not much of an artist , but the game is light hearted, I can do light hearted. I'm working almost exclusively in pencil, so they will have to be cleaned up, scanned,  perhaps run through inkscape to make portability a bit easier.
It all takes time.

My logic for using my own art is this: If I were going to acquire art for the book from anyone I would want to pay  them the going rate. It's as simple as that, I don't want to add expenses to the project that I know I will never recoup. I would have to somehow pass the expense onto people desiring  a look at the game, and I don't want to do that.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Non Review of "Monkey Business" by the Disorientated Ranger.

Disclosure: This can't be a review because I'm too close to the project.
Not only did I chat with Jens often during his time working on the project. I also contributed some art. Rather than a review the following text should be considered info piece. 

 The writer behind the "Disoriented Ranger (DR)" blog has put out a module called Monkey Business.
It is currently available via Drive through RPG, I believe he plans on a POD version later on, though I can't directly speak to that.

Anyone who has followed the DR blog in any capacity  will know that Jens does not take a shallow stab at anything. He specializes in deep dives. It doesn't matter if he's figuring out a method to roll up Hierarchies for NPC's or Preparing to Run an adventure he always pulls from diverse schools of thought to put his ideas together. I can say without fear of insulting Jens that he "connects the dots" in interesting ways and designs innovative subsystems for everything he does. He thinks about gaming differently a lot of the time and I mean that in the best way possible.

The same can be said for  "Monkey Business."
Jens took the  idea of a module and went deeper. Delivering a product that is fun, irreverent, and a bit gonzo, but also useful. It's full tools built for any GM who may want to set up a jungle hex crawl adventure. The author put in a lot of  work making sure a GM could use the whole product or any part of it  to run anything from a one session wacky adventure to a whole jungle based campaign.

If this is the kind of thing that the reader might have a use for, then by all means give it a look.

Thank you for reading.