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Monday, October 30, 2017

New Material For Phase abandon:

Another group has started playing Phase abandon, apparently a number of people have downloaded the game PDF off Drive through RPG. With that in mind I have set out to produce some short (5 pages or so) Folios which include information that may be helpful to those looking to play phase. A game which Is in my opinion pretty darn hack-able so these folios could end up being a series dedicated to Phase hacking moving towards system bashing.

My vision is that these folio's can be printed and kept to create a larger more flexible Phase campaign binder. Obviously, I'm getting way ahead of myself.(as usual)

The first of these Folio's is "The Phase Skill Folio" Which explains points about  Phase skills. Words are spent on how the skills work along with what their actual purpose within the ethos of the game.

I'm going to be offering it up on Drive through once I finish it, then have the chance create some form of suitable cover page. I might make the folio's Pay what You Want although I know that's as good as saying FREE, so I may go either way.

However because this is my blog which means anyone who reads this blog is my special friend, I'm going to put a download link here to the beta document.

Phase Skill Folio Beta PDF

This is an effort to gage reaction and interest, so any comments are as always welcome.

-Thanks for reading .

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