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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thimbral Rising: Talking Ideas.

Had some ideas and want to  put them down here on the blog.

If one were to use the labels to search that person would find that the very first time I ever mentioned the  "Shards of Thimbral" setting idea was back in  2013. What that means is I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for a solid four years with nothing to show for it. I do have a "game" sketched out in my "Things Unfinished" folder. By sketched out I mean very much undone.

Yesterday I was kicking around a system to bolt my setting ideas onto. Here's my thought process. I would want something simple. I like a games main mechanic to be easy to remember. I don't necessarily need "innovation." In fact if I were strain for an innovative idea I know I would over complicate the game.

Some Setting ideas (I have shared these one form or another)

  • A world torn apart by cataclysm.
  • The world shattered into an countable number of  floating islands. The  world below rent and twisted, inhabited by creatures unfortunate enough to have been left behind.
  • Humanity took a century to claw it's back to some semblance of  society among the  floating shards of  their world.
  • None of that matters to your character however, as you grew up after the event. 
  • You live in this world of floating villages and buildings built of salvaged scraps is all you know.
  • Technology:  Roughly real world 1500's to 1540's mixed wiht magic
  • Magic, Yes but magic is intertwined with technology, more a form of fule than a thing that manifests effects. No direct casters (AKA Wizards) in fact it's highly taboo.
  • Main Fantasy  resource "Shards." A remnant of the cataclysm shards are a dark luminous green to black Obsidian like element. It is a residue of the  incredible magical forces that shattered the land which can be used as a fuel.
  • Other resources, Coal, iron , wood is in short supply in some areas. Honestly anything  people need on a regular basis.
  • The  event that ripped the world apart also imbued magical effects to many  pieces of the world. Each floating island can have it's own biome and magical effects. One island might have a spring that never runs dry and spills over the  side of the island. A jungle island where it rains all the time. A wind swept desert island cloaked In a constant sand storm. An island encased in a huge glass sphere, a island where the sun never sets. So on and so fourth.
  • I would definitely write a procedural "island generator." It would be a must.
  • Main direction of adventure. Exploring unknown islands.
    • Getting back to what happened in the cataclysm?
    • dealing whit other isolated communities.
    • Going to the dangerous surface to find relics in the ruins.
    • Pirates, Mercenaries and raiders from other communities ..oh my. 
I have not decided if I want to write a system for this or just bolt it onto a game I already have. 
The SMART thing to do would be to make it Phase Abandon setting that I could add to drive through as a support product for the free Rpg I already have posted there. (Go to Drive through RPG and search "Dust Pan Games.")
I'm not known for doing the smart thing all that often though.

So that's what I;m kicking around.
-Thanks for reading.

Perhaps by the end of the week I'll post something table usable. Though I have to admit my mind has not been in the  D&D zone for quite a while.

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