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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Day 2018, fin.

Everything has a course
For me this Blog has run it's course.
It's time to close the door.
I have a few thoughts about why  now is the right time to shutter this blog but to write a 5000 word eulogy about why I'm not going to blog anymore seems a bit strange.
It's not important anyway.
Not blogging doesn't equal not  playing, talking about, or writing games.

Thanks you to everyone who read, commented on, or shared the things I posted over the past 4 and a half years.

Of course special thanks to the two actual friends I have gained from the blogging experience. Charles Akins and Jens D. They have been constantly supportive of this blog. I appreciate that. I would gladly share a drink with either of them given the opportunity.

I have to also thank Neal Tanner who has done more for my games than I have, and  honestly believes my designs are better than I think they are. We will continue to work together to finish projects and put material on the website and to distribute said projects through  Drive through.

And thank you to  Russ, Jay, Otto, and Chris who have played in the games I have run over the years. Your infinite patients and enthusiasm have been  greatly appreciated.

The blog will remain here for as long as here is a thing. I will still use it for and update the blogroll and links. I will still answer questions and comments when I see them. I will update this blog if something new for Dustpan games appears on Drive through RPG.

You can find further / future Dustpan games material on the  Dustpan web page.
And on Drive through RPG.
Want to talk RPG's ?
Find me as Mark Van Vlack on G+
Find me as Mark Van Vlack on Twitter.

The pages at the top of the  blog provide internal links to the best parts of this blog.

Hope you enjoy your day.
Thanks for reading,

Here's a rabbit for your troubles.


2017 stats:
57 Posts.
About 11 more than last year.