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Friday, June 5, 2020

A few changes.

It's been years since I changed anything on the ole blog.
So I made a new banner... with a picture of an opossum from my backyard and a new working title.
Tweeked the background color..
fresh coat of paint.

Why "Diary of a failed game designer"? read the four posts I made between 2019 and 2020.
I'm out of the game. I failed at my goal of getting a serious product out tot the masses.
There are several reasons why:

  • Real life is distracting. 
  • I'm not brave enough to invest the capital it takes to create a serious product.
  • My stuff is not that good. (just being honest)
  • I don't have the dedication it takes to promote an actual product.
  • I stopped giving a shit.
So why carry on the  blog?
I asked myself the same question.

The answer is easy. I like to share things. Creating is something I do still give a shit about.
Sharing cool, fun ideas, random charts, magic items, things that may help games run more smoothly ; those are things I still care about...
So check back for that sort of thing.
Use the links to dig through the archive.
There's quite a bit here.

Thanks for Reading 

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