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Saturday, June 6, 2020

You asked for random birds, I deliver.

(Wait you never asked for random birds? .... shit..)

Do you need a random Bird?
Of course you do………
Does the party ranger need a new companion?
Yes, her normal, boring ass Wolf companion got killed by a manitcore last game.

Whoa daddy, I got the charts form you.
See below the magical mystical random bird generator!
(Much of the info below comes from the CornellLab ornithology website.)
There are no system specific stats below. I figure if the reader is in deep enough to be rolling up random bird companions, statting them out for whatever game the reader may play should be a breaze.

Step one:
Bird body type (Roll 2d12)
  1. Auk type (like a loon)
  2. Black Bird (tall thin fan tail)
  3. Chickadee style (Plump)
  4. Crow or Jay style
  5. Dove like
  6. Duck like
  7. Finch
  8. Flycatcher (small very aerodynamic)
    Pheasant like
  9. Sea gull shaped
  10. Hawk, Eagle, or Falcon Like (Bird of prey)
  11. Heron
  12. Humming bird
  13. King fisher
  14. Nuthatch
  15. Owl (night time bird of prey)
  16. Sea bird (often large like an albatross)
  17. Shore bird
  18. Swallow
  19. Thrush
  20. Songbird or warbler
  21. Wood pecker
  22. Wren (Noisy bugger)
  23. Giant (Roll again to determine a giant version of what body style, this is large enough to ride.)

Roll once Under or Main color: 1d20
  1. Coal Black
  2. Grey
  3. Dirty white
  4. Blue
  6. Pink
  7. Red
  8. Orange
  9. Umber
  10. Yellow
  11. Tennis ball yellow
  12. Iridescent (Roll again to determine which color is iridescent)
  13. Bright red
  14. Glowing (Roll again to determine which color is glowing)
  15. Purple
  16. Brown
  17. Gold
  18. Muted color (Roll again to determine which color is muted)
  19. Dark Rust
  20. Pearlesant white

Coloration details: 1d20 twice
Roll twice (or as many as you want) below then use the coloration chart above to determine the color of the details.
  1. No Color variance
  2. Head coloration
  3. Beak coloration
  4. Wing coloration
  5. Tail fan coloration
  6. wing badge coloration
  7. stripes on body
  8. speckles on body
  9. speckles just on the head
  10. speckles just on the wings
  11. stripes on wings
  12. under wing coloration
  13. crest of head coloration
  14. patches on body
  15. patches on wings
  16. patches on tail
  17. under-color fades from main color to (roll a color) from head to tail
  18. under-color fades from main color to (roll a color) from tail to head
  19. Feet and legs coloration
  20. color constantly shifts from under color to (roll a color)

Beak type 1d6
  1. Short and thick – seed eater
  2. long, thin, delicate, slightly curved -Nectar feeder
  3. Medium length, stout, chisel like. Wood pecker like, Drilling.
  4. Sharp Curved and pointy, Predatory flesh eater.
  5. Bill like, Plant eater or water strainer.
  6. Long and pointed, spear like Spearing fish.

Foot type: 1d6
  1. 3 toes in front one in back (perching bird)
  2. 2 toes in front 2 behind (Climbing bird
  3. Curved talons (Predatory bird)
  4. Webbed (walks like a duck)
  5. Long tall legs long feet (for wading)
  6. Short stout legs medium feet. (good for running)

Details: (optional 1d20)
  1. Pilated crest on head.
  2. Eye patches of a varying coloration
  3. Tufts on body
  4. tufts on wings
  5. Split tail
  6. Long tail
  7. Super fancy peacock style tail
  8. Plump “cute” body and face.
  9. Puffed up chest
  10. Bald head (no feathers)
  11. unusually large beak
  12. rings around eyes
  13. striped beak
  14. glowing eyes
  15. larger than normal feet.
  16. Flightless tiny wings
  17. extra wide wingspan
  18. extremely fancy neck ruffle (Like birds of paradise)
  19. fancy wing tips
  20. fluffy down.
Now you know what your bird looks like. Lets do the fun stuff.

Behavior: 1d12
  1. Playful tugs on strings, moves around a lot, sings
  2. Mischievous: steals things
  3. Serious: Always on guard
  4. Skittish: Jumpy flies away a lot.
  5. Loving, looks for comfort
  6. Aggressive, attacks with no hesitation.
  7. Secretive: Often hies in shadows, doesn’t move much, very quiet in flight.
  8. Scavenger. Always on the look out for a free meal.
  9. Early Bird. Starts each day with a song, just as the sun comes up.
  10. Nocturnal hunter. Most active at night sluggish during the day.
  11. Intricate mating dance that it does relatively often.
  12. Swooping, stays aloft as much as possible.

  1. Loud squawking
  2. a pleasant tiny quiet chirping
  3. a constant complex song
  4. a gentile cooooooooooo-ing
  5. a stuttering chirp
  6. sings a lovely song usually a few times a day. enchanting
  7. Mimics words
  8. No song or call.
  9. A vicious screech
  10. Roll twice.

Intelligence: 1d6
(Note special ”Magical” abilities, or abilities that a character may have when working with animals are not taken into account on the inteligence roll.
  1. bird brained, literally a dummy
  2. An average bird intelligence very good at what it does but not very trainable
  3. trainable to a limited degree
  4. trainable: will except simple commands such as come back, and attack,
  5. Highly intelligent: Can recognize objects, take multiple simple commands. “Get ring”, “fly home”
  6. Exceptionally intelligent: Can solve simple problems, use simple tools, take complex commands, learn who people are.
Magical or fantasy effects:
This list as always has no stats included it’s system agnostic.
  1. This bird has a psychic connection with one person. This allows wordless communication within line of sight.
  2. This bird can fly completely silently.
  3. This bird can change between normal and giant sized
  4. This bird can shroud it’s self in flames
  5. This bird can talk
  6. This bird is excellent at camouflaging it’s self
  7. This bird has a limited teleport ability, it’s a blink bird
  8. This bird is immune to electricity and can call small lightning bolts.
  9. This bird can give off light in up to 100 foot radius.
  10. This bird can detect magic
  11. One person can see through this birds eyes once a day.
  12. This birds song can be very enchanting or distracting. (can give boons or penalties as a bard would)
  13. This bird can lift larger and heavier objects than you would expect.
  14. This bird leaves a train of sparks when flaying.
  15. This birds flashy display acts as a “color spray” type spell twice a day.
  16. This bird can “smell” gems and precious mettle.
  17. This bird can become invisible for short periods of time once a day.
  18. This bird is immune to fire and has a minor “breath weapon” of fire.
  19. This bird can swim and hold it’s breath for extended periods of time.
  20. This bird transforms into a Man / Woman at night. (yeah …… )
My Bird:
A Tennis ball yelow Humming Bird with Glowing blue Speckles on it's wings and Glowing Blue Patches on  it's body.
It has a Woodpecker Beak an Webbed feet as well as Glowing pink eyes.
It Stays aloft as much as possible and has no song or call to speak of.
This humming bird is Trainible to a limited extent and can lift heavier things than you would expect.

I call him "Pete"

-Thanks for reaing..... 

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