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Sunday, July 5, 2020

One Page Game: Phase 2

Below is a game that takes up one page in Libre Office using a 10 point font.
Don't want to play D&D anymore ? play this.
Guaranteed to have absolutely no roots in anything.

Charater Attributes:
Roll 1d6 for each attribute to determine the number of dice the character has in that area.
(Rolls: 1-3 = 3 dice, 4-5 = 4 dice, roll of 6 = 5 dice)

  • Physical (phisical actions, jumping, fights)
  • Mental (Thinking, figuring, casting, searching)
  • Emotional (empathy, Morale, courage, self controll, concentration)
  • Social (Bargain, arguing, deceit, initial reactions)
During the story when a character wants to perform an action the player rolls 1d10.

Results use the chart below.
  • 1 or 2: A failure and a new complication that reduces the atribute pool being used by 1.
    (You fail to jump the pit fallign to the bottom and hurtting yout leg -1 Phisical)
  • 3 to 4:  A failure but the enviroment gains a complication. (you fail to jump the pit and slide down the inter wall catching a ledge halway down.)
  • 5 to 7: Plain Success. (You jump the pit)
  • 8 to 9: A success with one bonus. (you jump the pit and suprise the guards)
  • 10: Is a sucess with two bonuses. (you jump the pit and blow past the suprised guards)
A complication = An element in the story that hold the character back. Bad luck, things going south.
A Bonus = An element in the story beneficial to the character. A stroke of good fortune.
Lost attribute dice are regained between scenes.
If any attribute's die level is lowered to 0 that character is taken out of the scene. The exact nature of how and why is specific to the scene.

All sources of resistance are complications.
Complications can be:
Environmental (A pit), Physical (A monster), Mental (A puzzle), or Emotional (an argument).

When a scene is set the Gm describes the complications in the scene. A lose discusion about what the charaters are doing ensues. The Gm can ask for rolls when they feel it's apropriate.
Players and GM work together to describe bonuses and successes. The Gm should describe failures and complications.

Complications can be removed from the scene by spending bonuses gained through actions.

Some areas or monsters might have several complications that will have to be overcome before it is removed. Some complications will need multiple bonuses to eliminate.

Example Complications for a massive dragon:
Environmental Dangerous lair(1), Slippery floor (1)
Physical: HUGE(2), Breath(1), claws (1), Flight (1)
Mental: Manipulator (1)
Emotional: Horde Greed(1), Aura of Fear(1)

Optional Equipment and Skills.
Players define their own equipment and skills. When those items or skills can be logically used in a scene the player may re roll any one die during an action.